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Move 389-ds's slapd-scripts.socket to /var/run It turns out that mode 777 directories containing files that daemons use is... not the most brilliant thing we've done. 389-ds has finally decided to insist on clobbering the permissions of /var/run/dirsrv to be less foolish, but several of our daemons and client programs need to be able to access the LDAP daemon's socket. Come visit it in its new home, conveniently located just two directories below the root.
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[1443]1# Find any vhost with a name or alias matching the domain of the e-mail
2# address.  We're queried with only the domain portion to determine whether
3# we accept mail at all for a given domain.  If we have no matching vhost
4# and return no records, Postfix will reject mail with a "Relay access denied"
5# error, unless the domain is configured in $mydestination.  We don't match
6# the vhost here because otherwise it'll be treated as a
7# virtual alias domain and once we resolve an address to a scripts account,
8# we'll end up resolving the address to go to the
9# owners of the vhost.  The value we return (if we return
10# anything at all) is supposedly arbitrary.  We choose to return the same
11# value we were queried with (the domain whose mail we host).  Protocol
12# version 3 is necessary to use ldapi.
[1818]14server_host = ldapi://%2fvar%2frun%2fslapd-scripts.socket/
[1443]15search_base = ou=VirtualHosts,dc=scripts,dc=mit,dc=edu
16query_filter = (&(objectClass=scriptsVhost)(|(scriptsVhostName=%s)(scriptsVhostAlias=%s))(!(
17result_attribute = scriptsVhostName
18result_format = %S
19bind = no
20version = 3
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