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[1612]1Installing a Scripts guest on a Xen host
[1698]4You need to create the volumes to use:
6    lvcreate -n $MACHINE-root --size 50.00G $HOST
7    lvcreate -n $MACHINE-swap --size 10.00G $HOST
[2066]8    lvcreate -n $MACHINE-cache --size 11.00G $HOST
11    Note: If you need to manually format the the swap and cache
12    partitions (for example, you are migrating a host from 'migrate'),
13    these commands should work.  If in doubt, consult the kickstart.
15        # Use fdisk to generate a DOS partition table, and a single
16        # partition extending the entire volume.
17        fdisk /dev/$HOST/$MACHINE-swap
18        fdisk /dev/$HOST/$MACHINE-cache
19        # Figure out what kpartx is going to make the devices as
20        # (e.g. $SWAP_DEV and $CACHE_DEV)
21        kpartx -l /dev/$HOST/$MACHINE-swap
22        kpartx -l /dev/$HOST/$MACHINE-cache
23        # Read out the partition tables
24        kpartx -a /dev/$HOST/$MACHINE-swap
25        kpartx -a /dev/$HOST/$MACHINE-cache
27        # FORMAT!
28        mkswap $SWAP_DEV
29        mkfs.ext4 -O ^has_journal -m 0 -N 1000000 $CACHE_DEV
31        # Remove the devices
32        kpartx -d /dev/$HOST/$MACHINE-swap
33        kpartx -d /dev/$HOST/$MACHINE-cache
36Make sure that the console has an entry for this host:
38    vim /etc/conserver/
40If it doesn't, add:
42    console $MACHINE {
43        master $HOST;
44        include xen;
45    }
[1693]47We use Kickstart to to initial Fedora configuration.  Installing a new
48vanilla machine is as easy as:
[1693]50    xm create scripts-server machine_name=$MACHINE install=fXX && console $MACHINE
[1693]52The only prompt (near the beginning of the install process) should be
53for the root password, and at the end, when it asks you to reboot.
54Say yes, and the machine will power down, and then restart without
55the install parameter:
[1693]57    xm create scripts-server machine_name=$MACHINE && console $MACHINE
59Networking and Subversion
[2349]62Our Subversion repository lives at svn:// Our realservers bind
63to on localhost. Unfortunately, this means that checking out
64the subversion repository on a new server while you're in the process of
65setting it up sometimes won't work. In particular, if the server is already
66binding the IP address, but not yet serving svn, your attempt
67to do the checkout will connect to the local machine and fail.
69Any of the following should let you evade this issue:
70* Avoid doing any svn operations between your first reboot and when svn is
71  working. The networking changes from the install won't take effect until you
72  reboot. Ordinarily, you won't need to do any commits or updates between the
73  reboot and when LDAP and svn:// serving are working.
[2349]74* Temporarily down lo:3 (the lo alias with the IP address,
76* Do your svn checkout from a current realserver, instead of
77  (for example, use svn:// Don't forget to svn switch
78  --relocate to once the server is set up.
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