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[1612]1Installing a Scripts guest on a Xen host
[1698]4You need to create the volumes to use:
6    lvcreate -n $MACHINE-root --size 50.00G $HOST
7    lvcreate -n $MACHINE-swap --size 10.00G $HOST
[1693]9We use Kickstart to to initial Fedora configuration.  Installing a new
10vanilla machine is as easy as:
[1693]12    xm create scripts-server machine_name=$MACHINE install=fXX && console $MACHINE
[1693]14The only prompt (near the beginning of the install process) should be
15for the root password, and at the end, when it asks you to reboot.
16Say yes, and the machine will power down, and then restart without
17the install parameter:
[1693]19    xm create scripts-server machine_name=$MACHINE && console $MACHINE
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