source: trunk/server/common/oursrc/accountadm/get-homedirs @ 2843

Last change on this file since 2843 was 2307, checked in by quentin, 12 years ago
Only dump real user accounts, and not LDAP-only users.
  • Property svn:executable set to *
File size: 297 bytes
3# Run this as root on scripts.
[2307]5/usr/bin/ldapsearch -LLL -z 0 -b ou=People,dc=scripts,dc=mit,dc=edu -s one -x -D 'cn=Directory Manager' -y /etc/signup-ldap-pw 'objectClass=posixAccount' cn homeDirectory | \
[722]6        perl -0pe 's/\n //g; s/^dn: .*\ncn: (.*)\nhomeDirectory: (.*)\n\n/$1 $2\n/gm'
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