source: trunk/lvs/debian/config/etc @ 1199

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
cron.d 217   17 years presbrey LVS cron inetd
syslog-ng 652   16 years andersk Add default syslog-ng configuration.
nagios 1002   15 years quentin Upgrade to Lenny's nrpe
apt 1004   15 years quentin Use lenny's heartbeat
lighttpd 1183   15 years quentin Tweak sorry server configuration for maximum performance
munin 1185   15 years quentin Update Munin plugins for watching FWMs
ha.d 1195   15 years geofft LVS: b-k has more RAM now, so put it on equal priority.
network 1199   15 years quentin Give finger port to the LVS directors
modules 314 bytes 568   17 years andersk Update configuration files for etch.
ntp.conf 1.5 KB 568   17 years andersk Update configuration files for etch. 867 bytes 570   17 years quentin Move log configuration to the correct location
aliases 275 bytes 989   15 years mitchb I suppose I should read automated mail for the LVS directors, too.
sysctl.conf 2.2 KB 1003   15 years quentin Upgrade to lenny's sysctl.conf
inetd.conf 1.2 KB 1194   15 years geofft LVS: Add a fingerd Also punt some old ports that tried to run ...
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