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3When someone e-mails asking for a hostname:
51. Check that the hostname is not currently in use. The commands
6     stella
7     athrun ops qy ghal \*
8   should both say the name is not in use. (The latter checks for aliases of
9   deleted or otherwise inactive hostnames that stella ignores.)
11   If the name is currently an alias of a name they own, make sure to forward
12   to jweiss the permission to move that name around.
14   If the name is the primary name of a machine they own, ask them what they
15   would like to rename the machine to, and make it clear that they'll need to
16   have another name associated with that IP address. Or (especially if the
17   machine doesn't ping) ask them to confirm they're no longer using that IP
18   address. If they're totally confused and keep insisting they want scripts
19   to serve that name, go ahead and tell them you'll rename the current foo to
20   foo-old.
22   If the name belongs to a deleted host on a dorm network, e-mail rccsuper to
23   reap it; they should do so quickly. If it belongs to an FSILG, e-mail
24   ht-$ILG-acl (ht-et-acl, ht-pika-acl, etc.) and ask nicely. If it belongs
25   to an academic network, they're not getting even deleted names back unless
26   they can negotiate with the current owner of the name.
282. Check that they're requesting a path that they control
29   (preferably, they'll give you a URL). If
30   they want a path, you'll need to tell them to set up a redirect
31   according to in a directory in their
32   web_scripts, and ask them to tell us the directory. This doesn't block
33   requesting the hostname.
35   If they want something more outlandish, make sure they're not confused
36   before proceeding.
38   Confirm that they're signed up for scripts.
39   should give something that isn't the "Account unknown" page.
413. E-mail jweiss.
42   * Open the ticket in RT
43   * Click 'Comment' to the right of the body of the e-mail they sent
44   * CC: (Don't use "To:", there's a bug)
45   * Write something nice. I typically use
46   Subject: scripts CNAME request:
48   At your convenience, please make an alias of
49       (or)
50   At your convenience, please move the alias from to
52       (or)
53   At your convenience, please rename the current host to
54 and make an alias of
55       (or)
56   If the request below is sufficient authorization, please remove....
58   * Set Status => Waiting and Blocking On => Moira
60   Occasionally jweiss is on vacation; generally he sets an auto-responder,
61   so you can just try emailing him and hoping, or ask him if he's around. If
62   not, see if zacheiss or cfox or computing-help will handle the requests.
63   (zacheiss has been willing to do them in the past.)
654. Reply to the requestor (from either RT or your e-mail client), with
66   something like "We've forwarded the hostname request to IS&T; it should take
67   effect in 2-3 business days."
695. After the name updates (jweiss replies, and DNS updates - which you can
70   check on -i dns), ask someone with root access to run
72   vhostadd
746. Reply to the requestor again, and help them with stuff like MediaWiki URLs
75   or RewriteRules if they're having trouble.
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