source: server/fedora/config/etc/sysconfig/openafs @ 238

Last change on this file since 238 was 238, checked in by jbarnold, 17 years ago
Don't trust the Athena cell with setuid binaries! AFS trusts the local cell by default (boo!). A recent vulnerability in AFS makes disabling this trust important.
File size: 302 bytes
[39]1AFSD_ARGS="-afsdb -dynroot -fakestat -daemons 6"
[115]4/sbin/sysctl -q afs.GCPAGs=0
[39]5/usr/bin/fs setcrypt on
6/usr/bin/fs sysname 'amd64_linux26' 'i386_rhel4' 'i386_rhel3' 'i386_rh9' 'i386_linux24' 'i386_linux22' 'i386_linux3' 'i386_linux2' 'i386_linux1'
[238]7/usr/bin/fs setcell -nosuid -c athena
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