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Delete svn:mergeinfo from all active branches except at . and locker Now that our branches are all synchronized, I’m pretty sure it’s safe to delete these confusing extra svn:mergeinfo properties. In the future, please don’t do any merges that aren’t at one of the canonical roots.
  • Property svn:executable set to *
File size: 367 bytes
3mkdir $lroot/.sql 2>/dev/null
4fs sa $lroot/.sql system:anyuser none
[157]5fs sa $lroot/.sql system:authuser none
[131]6fs sa $lroot/.sql daemon.scripts write
[382]7fs sa $lroot/.sql daemon.sql write
[131]8rm -f $lroot/.sql/my.cnf $lroot/.my.cnf
[1414]10echo "[client]
13password=$sqlpass" > $lroot/.sql/my.cnf
[1439]15ln -nfs .sql/my.cnf $lroot/.my.cnf 2>/dev/null
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