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1Scripts has a policy of formal code review on Zephyr.  Commit messages
2are zephyred to -c scripts -i r[number], with the actual diff sent to
3-c scripts-auto -i commits.  Commits are also emailed to  All commits should be reviewed by another
5scripts-team member before they are deployed.
7The following designations are in use, with the following meanings:
8"+1": I have reviewed and approve of this commit.
10"+0": I've glanced at the commit and it seems okay.
12"-0": I have mild issues with this commit, but am fine with it going
13      in as-is and no further action being taken.
15"-1": I do not approve of this commit, it needs more work. This
16      designation must include an explanation of the objection, and
17      will likely result in further action being taken either by the
18      committer or the reviewer to improve the commit.
20"-1, revert": I do not approve of this commit, and believe it to be
21      actively harmful to the project, such as introducing a security
22      hole.  This designation must include an explanation of the
23      objection.  The committer should revert the commit.
25Reviewers should strive to give non-zero reviews whenever possible.
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