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1# This file is sourced by dirsrv upon startup to set
2# the default environment for all directory server instances.
3# To set instance specific defaults, use the file in the same
4# directory called dirsrv-instance where "instance"
5# is the name of your directory server instance e.g.
6# dirsrv-localhost for the slapd-localhost instance.
8# In order to make more file descriptors available
9# to the directory server, first make sure the system
10# hard limits are raised, then use ulimit - uncomment
11# out the following line and change the value to the
12# desired value
13# ulimit -n 8192
15# A per instance keytab does not make much sense for servers.
16# Kerberos clients use the machine FQDN to obtain a ticket like ldap/FQDN, there
17# is nothing that can make a client understand how to get a per-instance ticket.
18# Therefore by default a keytab should be considered a per server option.
20# Also this file is sourced for all instances, so again all
21# instances would ultimately get the same keytab.
23# Finally a keytab is normally named either krb5.keytab or <service>.keytab
25# In order to use SASL/GSSAPI (Kerberos) the directory
26# server needs to know where to find its keytab
27# file - uncomment the following line and set
28# the path and filename appropriately
29KRB5_KTNAME=/etc/dirsrv/keytab ; export KRB5_KTNAME
31# other environment settings can be added here too
32OS=`uname -s`
33# use the new mt slab memory allocator on Solaris
34# this requires Solaris 9 update 3 or later
35if [ "$OS" = "SunOS" -a -f /usr/lib/ ] ; then
36    LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/
37    export LD_PRELOAD
39if [ "$OS" = "SunOS" -a -f /usr/lib/64/ ] ; then
40    LD_PRELOAD_64=/usr/lib/64/
41    export LD_PRELOAD_64
44# how many seconds to wait for the startpid file to show
45# up before we assume there is a problem and fail to start
47# how many seconds to wait for the pid file to show
48# up before we assume there is a problem and fail to start
49#PID_TIME=600 ; export PID_TIME
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