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Also don't create php.ini symlinks inside subdirectories of .git or .svn
  • Property svn:executable set to *
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3# This script is meant to help people who have somehow lost their
4# php.ini files.  It is meant to be run in the top level directory
5# of an application once a reasonable php.ini file has been placed
6# there, and will make the symlinks to it in all child directories.
8if [ -f php.ini ]; then
9        echo "Creating php.ini symlinks in child directories..."
10        athrun scripts gfind . -mindepth 1 -type d \( -not -name .svn -not -name .git -or -not -prune \) -exec sh -c 'ln -sf "`echo "$1" | sed '\''s,[^/],,g; s,/,../,g'\''`php.ini" "$1/"' -- {} \;
11        echo "Done!"
13        echo "There is no php.ini file in this directory.  You should first"
14        echo "put a valid php.ini file in the top level directory of your"
15        echo "application, then change to that directory, and then run this"
16        echo "script to make the symlinks to your php.ini file from all the"
17        echo "child directories."
18        exit 1
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