2011-04-16  Geoffrey ThomasChange hard-coded source_server to a currently existing one hardy master
2010-12-27  Mitchell E... Disable TSO on guest interfaces
2010-10-27  Edward Z. YangAdd ntpd to services in Kickstart.
2010-10-27  rootAdd shining-armor and adjust weights with bees-knees.
2010-09-28  Edward Z. YangFix bad isolinux path.
2010-09-28  Edward Z. YangAdjust memory allocations.
2010-09-26  rootPreliminary try at automating some of install process.
2010-09-20  Edward Z. YangMore installation steps put into Kickstart.
2010-09-20  Edward Z. YangKeep eth1 network device, and explicitly pick eth0...
2010-09-20  Edward Z. YangSpawn an HTTPD daemon to serve the Kickstart file.
2010-09-20  Edward Z. YangDon't rerun the installer on reboot.
2010-09-20  Edward Z. YangMerge back Quentin's network kickstart changes.
2010-09-20  Edward Z. YangUse strings for mac addresses, inactive eth1 kickstart.
2010-09-20  Edward Z. YangSupport for automatically downloading kernel/initramfs...
2010-09-19  Edward Z. YangAdd some johnny-carson machines.
2010-09-19  Edward Z. YangMore accurate drive naming and some comments.
2010-07-18  rootDecrease not-forward's memory allocation
2010-07-18  Geoffrey ThomasAdd old-faithful for F13 staging
2010-06-17  Mitchell Bergerwhole-enchilada moved (not that it was ever in use)
2010-03-12  Mitchell BergerBack off a bit on n-b's RAM; its hypervisor didn't...
2010-03-09  Quentin SmithBump n-b's RAM
2010-02-19  rootsipb-server-2 moved
2010-02-19  rootChange real-mccoy's RAM to match the other servers
2010-02-19  Quentin SmithUpdate RAM for b-b and p-b
2009-12-08  rootAdd sipb-server-2
2009-12-08  rootGive r-m 2 VCPUs and 6GB of RAM
2009-08-02  rootMake vcpus variable per-VM, so that AMD guests that...
2009-07-16  rootHost not-forward has been renamed to david-letterman
2009-07-13  rootBump ram for real-mccoy after jay-leno upgrade
2009-07-11  rootAdd real-mccoy VM on jay-leno.
2009-07-10  rootEven out memory for b-k and c-w
2009-07-09  rootMerge branch 'master' of ssh://scripts@scripts.mit...
2009-07-09  rootNew VM whole-enchilada.
2009-07-09  rootBump memory on c-w, take some away from n-b.
2009-07-08  Geoffrey ThomasDon't crash on non-HVMs
2009-07-08  rootMerge branch 'master' of ssh://scripts@scripts.mit...
2009-07-08  Anders KaseorgDrop the dom0 page cache before booting a paravirtualiz...
2009-07-08  Geoffrey ThomasAdd selinux=0 to install command line
2009-07-06  rootRearrange the machine table to accomodate per-VM hosts...
2009-06-27  rootDon't specify mac5 at create-time any more.
2009-06-06  rootF9 kernels can't boot via Xen with over 4GB. *sigh*
2009-06-06  rootWork around a missing 240 megs of RAM...
2009-06-06  rootFix network bridge script
2009-06-06  rootUse hardcoded table for MAC addresses. Use more RAM.
2009-05-02  rootAllocate more resources (2 CPU, 1.5GB RAM) to scripts...
2009-05-02  Quentin SmithAllow memory to balloon to 8GiB
2009-04-04  rootfix usage message to match name
2009-04-04  rootXen config file for xm creating a scripts server
2009-04-04  rootMake an eth1 bridge in addition to an eth0 bridge
2009-04-04  rootImport of /etc/xen