Set admin e-mail address properly on MediaWiki >= 1.18.0
[wizard.git] / tests /
2011-09-04  Edward Z. YangAdd missing dirname stanza to docs.
2010-11-14  Edward Z. YangMove Scripts applications to plugins, fix broken phpBB...
2010-07-12  Edward Z. YangImplement all user information hooks.
2010-07-05  Edward Z. YangRemove testing hack, add more robust version specification.
2010-06-08  Edward Z. YangMove wizard.scripts module to plugins, added hooks...
2010-06-07  Edward Z. YangUpdate documentation for upcoming plugin-ification.
2010-01-10  Edward Z. YangAdd some utility scripts, based off of documentation.
2009-12-30  Edward Z. YangMake failed upgrade non-interactive.
2009-12-30  Ian Smithtests/ runs all tests for all versions...
2009-12-28  Edward Z. YangFix broken installs if directory exists.
2009-12-27  Edward Z. YangFix non-zero shell exit code and --continue in wrong...
2009-12-26  Edward Z. YangConvert ad hoc shell calls to singleton instance; fix...
2009-12-22  Edward Z. YangAdd CRLF/LF/CR merge resolution algoritm of AWESOME.
2009-12-22  Edward Z. YangAdd interactive upgrade mode, suggested by Nelson Elhage.
2009-12-08  Edward Z. YangMake test scripts run from any directory.
2009-12-07  Edward Z. YangUse legit drop-database interface.
2009-12-07  Edward Z. YangMake phpBB installer more friendly for restricted envs.
2009-12-07  Alan HuangphpBB support
2009-12-07  Edward Z. YangRevamp database infrastructure.
2009-11-25  Edward Z. YangAdd --retry option, remove ncurses flash.
2009-11-25  Edward Z. YangReduce duplication in test scripts, more logging.
2009-11-25  Edward Z. YangMake test scripts more autocomplete friendly.
2009-11-25  Edward Z. YangImplement upgrades for Wordpress, refactoring.
2009-11-10  Edward Z. YangRename NonfatalFailure to RecoverableFailure.
2009-11-03  Edward Z. YangRevamp tests, fix minor usability problems with installer.
2009-11-03  Edward Z. YangImplement Wordpress installer for 2.0.2 w/ sqlalchemy.
2009-10-23  Edward Z. YangMisc bug fixes.
2009-10-16  Edward Z. YangMove Application/ApplicationVersion to
2009-10-11  Edward Z. YangAutomatically perform logging during --continue.
2009-10-11  Edward Z. YangImplement number of conflict reporting for upgrades.
2009-10-09  Edward Z. YangMerges occur on /dev/shm if available.
2009-10-03  Edward Z. YangImplement web verification for pre-upgrade and post...
2009-10-03  Edward Z. YangBackup on upgrade, add tests.
2009-08-22  Edward Z. YangFix documentation.
2009-08-21  Edward Z. YangMerge branch 'master' of /mit/ezyang/wizard
2009-08-21  Edward Z. YangRefactor, increase error coverage, more sanity checks.
2009-08-15  Edward Z. YangAdd --continue support to upgrades.
2009-08-15  Edward Z. YangReorganize tests to require less boilerplate; change...
2009-08-13  Edward Z. YangGeneralize MediaWiki upgrade script for all versions.
2009-08-13  Edward Z. YangMake all tests pass, add testing documentation.
2009-08-13  Edward Z. YangImplement test suite for Wizard; includes numerous...