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2010-07-12  Edward Z. YangImplement all user information hooks.
2010-05-27  Edward Z. YangWizard is now licensed under the MIT License.
2009-08-19  Edward Z. YangUpdate migration semantics to work better.
2009-08-18  Edward Z. YangUpdate README and TODO.
2009-08-02  Edward Z. YangClarify size of indents.
2009-07-30  Edward Z. YangRefactor to get rid of using __import__...
2009-07-28  Edward Z. YangUpdate README and TODO.
2009-06-29  Edward Z. YangDrastically upgrade README to something actually useful.
2009-06-28  Edward Z. YangRename lib/wizard to wizard for compactness.
2009-06-27  Edward Z. YangUpdate README for new format.
2009-06-27  Edward Z. YangMake deploy log parsing a little more robust.
2009-06-27  Edward Z. YangClarify design decision behind error handling.
2009-06-17  Edward Z. YangConvert migrate to logger, and misc refactoring.
2009-06-14  Edward Z. YangAdd README file and fix bug in wizard COMMAND --help