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This is an old and outdated wiebsite. for uptodate information about me, please visit

Yossi Farjoun

  • Office: 2-334
  • Mailing address: 77 Mass. ave., MIT 2-334, Cambridge MA 02139
  • Teaching: Introduction to Numerical Analysis (18.330) (Spring 2009)
  • Contact: yfarjoun (at) math (dot) mit (dot) edu (Public Key), office phone: (617) 253 7775
  • Website (this one!)


I am an Instructor (Post-Doc) at MIT's Applied Mathematics Department. I am currently in my third (and final) year and have started looking for jobs around the world (US, Canada, several places in Europe, and Israel.)

My research involves the mathematical solution of physical and biological problems, especially when asymptotic methods can be employed. I've looked at problems involving shape optimization, non-linear advection, inhomogeneous diffusion, numerical methods for conservation laws, and, curiously, asymptotics of combinatorial objects.

You might be interested in reading my Research Statement, Teaching Statement, or Resume.

I tend to put my publications and preprints on the arXiv, and that is a good place to look for them.

I have a list of interview questions that I got from John Bush. I used this list in my interview at Oxford, and found it to be quite useful, if you would like a copy please let me know. (Sorry, I was requested to remove it from cyberspace...)

Want to see some pictures? (Mainly of my daughter Katya...)

Current Teaching: 18.330 Numerical Analysis

Past Teaching

Rock Climbing

Pet projects


arXiv wikipedia Tax Calculator World Clock Jajah sed awk

Friends' Websites

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