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    Closed Captioning Support on MIT TechTV

    We are pleased to announce that MIT TechTV now has Closed Captioning [CC] support for its videos.  Using the basic .srt file type you can now enhance your videos and make them much more accessible to those of us who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, or use English as a second language.

    If a video has [CC] applied to it, it will increase the video player in height and the captions will play underneath the video so you don’t have to worry about any of the video being covered up.  To enable and disable captions for a currently playing video, simply click on the CC button (highlighted in red in the picture to the right).  By default, any video with captions applied will have captions turned on to start.

    To apply a .srt file to a video you must be the owner of the video. First log in to your MIT TechTV account and go to the video’s page.  Then in the gray box to the right of the video you will see a selection for “CC File” as noted in the picture to the left.  Click on “Change” and you will be prompted to select your .srt file.  “Save” and you’re done. The page will refresh and your captions will be applied.

    We have also enabled you to be able to embed your video with captions in external websites as well.  you’ll see a new option on the Embed window to allow you to select one of our players with or without captions.

    You may be wondering how to make or get a .srt file for your video.  You can create one from scratch, use a program or website to help you make one (such as universalsubtitles.org), or have someone do it for you (MIT TechTV can provide subtitle creation service for a fee – contact us at techtv@mit.edu for more info).

    For some great additional resources and links to captioning tools, check out the MIT Adaptive Technology Information Center (ATIC) website.

    Help us provide more accessible videos by adding captions to your videos.  If you don’t have your own videos on MIT TechTV but would like to volunteer to caption some of your favorite MIT TechTV videos, please contact us at techtv@mit.edu.

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