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    Tips to make your videos more watchable

    We’ve gotten some great tips from folks to help you think about how to make your videos better.  Take a look at what people are saying:

    • Lack of high-quality audio in informal recording – this can be easily addressed by using a lavalier (clip-on) microphone – makes all the difference if people can hear what’s being said.
    • Not realizing the benefits of editing 2-hour videos down to 5-10 minutes (that is, not allocating the resources to do so) – most long videos can be distilled down to 5-10 minutes of vital content.  When planning your videos, try to budget in the time or resources to edit your videos down to “the good stuff” and you’ll find your viewers will stay around to watch more of your video.
    • Not thinking about videos only in terms of archival uses rather than shareable uses – recording a video for the archives is great, but most people want to see what’s relevant now.  Making a video available as soon as possible after it occurs increases its appeal and when you record a video, take this into account.

    “I’ve edited and promoted maybe a hundred audio and video recordings and seen dramatic differences in listener-ship/view-ship when following these tips. It can be the difference between 100 and 1000 hits.”

    Andrew Whitacre
    Communications Director
    cms.mit.edu | civic.mit.edu | gambit.mit.edu

    If you have more tips to share, please send them our way – techtv@mit.edu

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