Conferences in Arithmetic Geometry

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This site used to track conferences in arithmetic geometry; it has been mostly replaced by this dynamic list generated using the back end. An archive of the material from the old list can be found here.

Going forward, this site will be maintained solely as a "rumor tracker" for the purposes of advance planning. For the purposes of this site, any conference with a web site is considered a fact rather than a rumor, and should be posted to MathMeetings (and then removed from this list).

Here are some other conference lists, with overlapping but distinct areas of focus. (I admit to swiping listings from all of these sources; the converse is encouraged!)


  • Elliptic Curves, Torsors, and L-functions, March 24-26, U. Virginia
  • L-Functions and Modular Forms Database, June 12-16, Warwick
  • Sage Days 87: p-adics+, July 17-21 (dates tentative), U. Vermont
  • Geometric representation theory and differential operators on rigid analytic spaces, December 4-8, Oxford


  • Canadian Number Theory Association (CNTA XV), July 9-13, U. Laval
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