Conferences in Arithmetic Geometry

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This is a list of mostly upcoming conferences in arithmetic geometry, i.e., most anything near the boundary of number theory and algebraic geometry. I decided to split this off from my itinerary after I found out that people were using my travel schedule as a conference list! I then decided to implement it as a wiki because I am lazy and want the rest of you to keep me updated. (As a consequence, any disclaimers about this list reflecting my idiosyncratic tastes are irrelevant. If you think I shouldn't have omitted something, add it yourself!)

See also Teruyoshi Yoshida's home page (scroll down to "events"), the Number Theory Web conferences page, and Ravi Vakil's page on conferences in algebraic geometry.

There is also a list of past conferences in arithmetic geometry. Feel free to move entries to that page if I forget to do so myself.




  • Canadian Number Theory Association X, July 13-18, Waterloo
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