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This is a list of upcoming conferences in arithmetic geometry (broadly construed); please help me keep this current. (To prevent spam, one cannot autogenerate login accounts on the wiki; email me with a proposed username to receive a password.) An ideal complete entry includes a conference title, location, dates, and a web site, but incomplete entries (including responsibly sourced rumors!) can also be useful. I sort events primarily by start date, secondarily by end date; the date "January" comes between December 31 and January 1. Past conferences are periodically swept onto the separate list of past conferences.

News (January 2016): Now that the project, which provides a more structured approach to tabulating conference data, has gone live, I am planning to wind down the maintenance of this wiki in favor of generating a list dynamically from the MathMeetings database; for a preview, see this RSS feed. My timeline for this is as follows.

  • For conferences in 2016, I will continue to update the list as usual. However, instead of directly mailing me conference data, I would prefer that organizers create their own entries on MathMeetings; I will then automatically be notified and can act to update the wiki.
  • For conferences in 2017 or later, I will no longer be accepting updates; moreover, I will eliminate the existing entries once they are available in MathMeetings.
  • If you create your own entry on MathMeetings, you will receive a link that can be used to edit the posting later. If your conference is posted on MathMeetings but you don't have the link, it is probably because I created the posting myself; in that case, email me for the editing link.
  • I may consider retaining this wiki as a "rumors" page for planning purposes; however, I have not yet committed myself to this.

Here are some other conference lists, with overlapping but distinct areas of focus. (I admit to swiping listings from all of these sources; the converse is encouraged!)



As in previous years, I have separated off long programs (two months or longer).

And here is the regular conference list.


As in previous years, I have separated off long programs (two months or longer).

And now, the regular conference list.


As in previous years, I have separated off long programs (two months or longer).

And now for the regular conferences.


Entries are no longer being accepted for 2019 and later. Instead, see MathMeetings.

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