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    Congrats to Tech Video Showcase winners!

    2nd Place Tech Video Showcase winners 2007Congratulations to the three Grand Prizewinners and three Special Jury Prizewinners of the first MIT Tech Video Showcase! And thanks to each and every MIT student who submitted a video for the contest and, by doing so, helped launch MIT TechTV.

    Dean of Engineering Thomas L. Magnanti presented the winners with cash prizes and solid chocolate “Oscar” statuettes at a ceremony on May 17, 2007 in the Bush Room. In the photo, Anna Wexler (left) and Mariya Gusman (center) collect the 2nd-place Grand Prize for their video Spice Cream.

    For more information about the Tech Video Showcase contest, including criteria and judges, go to the Tech Video Showcase website.

    Watch the winning entries on MIT TechTV.

    Grand Prizewinners

    1st. Godel Escher Bach for Kids! — James Sannino
    2nd. Spice Cream — Anna Wexler and Mariya Gusman
    3rd. Aaron and His Buddy — Jocelyn Rice, Katharine Gammon, William Dowd, and Erica Naone

    Special Jury Prizes

    Media Lab at Night – Best Technical Execution — Leonardo Bonanni
    The Making of Mens et Manus (in Origami) Vol. 1 – Most “MIT” — Brian Chan and Theresa Guo
    Dihydrogen Monoxide – Best Satire — Joe Walsh, Dwight Chambers, Marta Luczynska, and Garret Crandall

    Thanks to all at MIT who voted or came to the MIT TechTV Expo. MIT TechTV is free and open to the entire MIT community. Create an account, upload your videos, and have fun!

    7 Responses to “Congrats to Tech Video Showcase winners!”

    1. Jay Wollmann says:

      More colleges (esp. tech colleges) should do things like this!

    2. Ephena says:

      It’s nice to see folks who are so good at what they do and yet appear to totally enjoy their work.

    3. Jay M says:

      Congrats everyone! I have a question though:

      How do we upload videos? I mean, are there any aspects we have to keep in mind while showcasing these videos on here or… please guide away!!


    4. MIT TechTV says:

      Hello, you need an @mit.edu email address to be able to post videos to MIT TechTV at this time. Feel free to create an account to take advantage of being able to make playlists and leave comments, etc. Thanks, MIT TechTV

    5. Great videos, congrats to all the winners

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