NEICAAA Cross Country Championship

@ Franklin Park

October 6, 2018

The start of the women's sub-varsity race

Gabby Enns leads Megan McCandless at the mile mark

The start of the women's varsity 5K

Izzi Gengaro passes the three mile mark in 6th place

Leandra Zimmermann leads Jenna Melanson to the finish

Katie Collins in the homestretch is MIT's 4th runner

Einat Gavish closes out the scoring for MIT - earning team a 2nd place

MIT gets out well at the start of the varsity 8K

Aidan Gilson leads Josh Rosenkranz, Andrew Mah and Billy Woltz through the mile mark

Josh Derrick (obsessing about split), leads Zach Johnson and Nicky Medearis at the mile mark

Andrew Mah finishes first for MIT, ninth place overall

The start of the men's sub-varsity 8K

Kent Slaney leads Alex Knapp, Daniel Weiss, Jake Jorgensen and Brian Bates at the mile mark

Ryan Wilson moves past Daniel Weiss.  Jake Jorgensen, Alex Knapp and Nassim Oufattole in the background

Finn Jacobson-Schulte has the race of his career, finishing fourth for MIT

Nassim Oufattole struggles at the three mile mark.