@ Larz Anderson Park, Brookline, MA

September 1, 2018

The start of the men's race

The leaders at the one mile - Billy Woltz, Andrew Mah, Josh Rosenkranz and Aidan Gilson

The chase pack of freshmen - Matthew Kearney, Zach Johnson, Nicky Medearis and Ryan Wilson

Andrew Mah sprints to the finish, followed by Josh Rosenkranz, Billy Woltz, Zach Johnson and Matthew Kearney

David Walter and Matt Deyo lead it for the alumni

Justin Bullock and Alex Knoedler representing the alums

The start of the women's race

Jenna Melanson leads teammates Izzi Gengaro, Marissa McPhillips and Leandra Zimmermann

Einat Gavish, Emily Niu, Tessa Weiss, Emily Skilling and Abby Mauermann at the mile mark

Jenna Melanson crosses the finish line first, followed by Izzi Gengaro and Leandra Zimmermann

Mary Eccles is first for the alumnae

Louise van den Heuvel and Alexandra Taylor representing the alums