Pre-National Cowbell Classic

@ Principia College, Elsah, Illinois

October 14, 2017

The start of the men's race (MIT on far right)

Josh Rosenkranz, Alex Knoedler, Aidan Gilson and Kent Slaney slightly behind at the mile mark

Nate Foss on the outside and David Walter on the inside taking advantage of the downhill

Dennis Maloney stalks the leaders

Nicholas Waltman works his way up to being fifth man

The start of the women's race

Katie Bacher hunts down a Johns Hopkins runner

Katie Collins leads Mary Eccles and Marissa McPhillips in the final stages of the race

Mary Eccles pushes the pace as Leandra Zimmermann works to catch up

Megan McCandless finishing up the 6K

Jenna Melanson finishing up as MIT's seventh runner

The team enjoys time together after the meet