2017 MIT Alumni/ae Cross Country Meet

The Has-Beens

The start of the women's race

Katie Bacher leads Jenna Melanson, Marissa McPhillips, Mary Eccles and alum Christina Wicker

Dhaman Kaur leads Brooke Johnson and Louise van den Heuvel at the mile mark

Katie Bacher has opened up quite a gap at the two mile mark, clocked in 11:45

Katie Collins works to stay ahead of Brooke Johnson as Louise van den Heuvel closes in on Lindsey McAllister

Margaret Trautner leads Darby LaPlant and Ciera Gordon at the two mile mark

Marissa McPhillips pulls away for the victory leading Katie Bacher and Mary Eccles

Bailee Margolis outkicks Gabrielle Enns

The start of the men's race

Dennis Maloney leads has-been Matt Deyo and varsity runners, Kent Slaney, Billy Woltz and Aidan Gilson

Ben Freed leads teammates Nate Foss, Josh Rosenkranz, Dylan Doblar, David Walter, Noah Zamzow-Schmidt, Nicholas Waltman and Jake Jorgensen at the mile mark

Matt Deyo pulls ahead of Dennis Maloney in the last 15 meters of the race, both clocking 15:31

Aidan Gilson takes third over Billy Woltz, Josh Rosenkranz, and Nate Foss

David Walter looks to see if Dylan Doblar is closing in