Border Battle Cross Country Invitational

@ Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ

October 15, 2016

The start of the women's 6K

Megan McCandless finishes third

Maryann Gong is starting to get it back

Katie Bacher finishes a strong race

Leandra Zimmermann stopping her watch and heel striking as she does not sprint through the line

Jenny Xu crosses as MIT's fifth runner with Christina Wicker in the background

Jenna Melanson sprints for the finish

Tessa Weiss (hidden) and Mary Eccles finish

The start of the men's race

Matt Deyo and Dennis Maloney just past the 3K mark

Daniel Weiss leads Josh Derrick at the 3K mark

Josh Rosenkranz leads Alex Knoedler

Nicholas Waltman can't decide which arm to put in front as he leads Alex Knapp

Matt Deyo and Dennis Maloney finish 8-9 respectively