Hosted by Wilmington College at Kings Island Golf Center, Mason, Ohio

November 22, 2014

The eighth ranked men's team at the athlete's banquet the night before the race

The second ranked women's team at the athlete's banquet

The start of the men's race with Matt Deyo and Colin Godwin in good shape

Rory Beyer leads Benji Xie at the mile mark

Spencer Wenck with the leaders at the 3K

Matt Deyo and Colin Godwin later in the race

Benji Xie in good position but starting to look at the ground

Rory Beyer after his fall

Allen Leung tries to recover after a poor start

Matt Jordan slowly moving up in the field

The start of the women's race

Sarah Quinn at the mile mark

Maryann Gong at the mile mark

Mary Eccles and Kali Benavides at the mile mark

Elaine McVay and Christina Wicker at the 2K

Nicole Zeinstra and Maryann Gong have MIT with an early lead

Elaine McVay moving into the top 15

The men's All America winners (Wenck 4th, Godwin 22nd, Deyo 25th)

The women's All America winners (McVay 12th, Quinn 16th, Wicker 17th, Gong 32nd)

The women's National runners-up

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