NOVEMBER 1, 2008

MIT gets off to a good start

Jake Ruzevick, Hemu Arumugam and Yermie Cohen try to take the race early by taking the lead at the two mile mark

Trevor Rundell, Paul Welle and Richard Prevost lend support at the two mile mark

Matt Bieniosek, Dan Harper, Chris Wong and Bill Phipps try to move up at the three mile mark

Ruzevick takes home the victory in 25:25

Arumugam, Cohen and Rundell claim 5th, 6th and 7th place overall

Welle, Andrew Erickson, Jack Bourbonnais and Gihan Amarasiriwardena finish to claim All Conference honors

The women's start

It is very crowded at the one mile mark despite the 5:49 split time

Maria Monks moves into second at the two mile mark

Jacqui Wentz cruises to victory with a 18:28 time on the 5K course

Andrea Bradshaw, Monks, Janice O'Brien and Kathrine Eve bring it home. Eve passed O'Brien and Monks for Rookie of the Year honors

Anna Holt-Gosselin, Jennifer Doyle, Elizabeth Finn and Tania Morimoto coming into the three mile mark

The seniors accepting the trophy as defending champions (Andrea Bradshaw, Liz Labuz, Elizabeth Finn, Adrienne Bolger and Jennifer Doyle)

The seniors on the men's side accept the trophy for the 11th time in a row

(Tyler Abrams, Yermie Cohen, Jake Ruzevick, Trevor Rundell, Matt Bieniosek and Chris Wong)

The winning team

Champions again

The traditional pose