@Franklin Park

September 2, 2006

The women head across the field at the start

From left to right, Maria Monks, Elizabeth Finn and Hana Adaniya lead at the mile mark

Just behind the first group at the mile are Adrienne Bolger, Martha Buckley, Alisha Schor, Jacqui Wentz and Rachel Niehuus

Close behind are Jennifer Doyle, Liz Labuz, Gwen Johnson and Betsy Eames

Jacqui Wentz with the lead at the three mile mark

Alisha Schor leads Adrienne Bolger to the finish

Ben Schmeckpeper with a commanding lead at the start

With Schmeckpeper already by the mile mark, Sean Nolan and Fivos Constantinou run 2-3 for the "Has Beens"

Group B runs well together at the two mile mark

Trevor Rundell leads Russell Rodewald and Kevin DiGenova at the three mile mark

Bob Collins leads a large contingent of Group D at the three mile mark and Eugene Tung tries to reel them in

Sean Nolan crosses the finish line in first

William Fedus displays great sprint form as he hits the finish line