September 7, 2002

Many MIT Alumni showed up at Franklin Park on Saturday, but only four raced, forcing the score to be decided on each team's top four finishers. Sean Nolan did not seem bothered by the 90 degree temperatures as he easily won the race and led the Varsity to a sweep (10 to 34) over the old-timers with a time of 25:20.

Through the first three miles, Sean and Ben Schmeckpeper were helping each other through a split of 15:27. Ben dropped back soon after that due to what turned out to be no skin left on the front part of the bottoms of his feet. He decided to race without socks and paid the price. Even with that obvious pain he still finished second in 26:04.

The second group of Steve Maltas, Albert Liu, Brian Anderson and Fivos Constantinou looked to have things in hand through two miles, but then a severe lack of concentration caused Anderson and Contantinou to fall back. Maltas attempted to stay with Nolan and Schmeckpeper, but fell into runner's limbo after two miles. Maltas and Liu placed 3rd and 4th respectively with times of 26:39 and 27:04. Anderson and Constantinou fell back to 9th and 12th places respectively with times of 27:47 and 28:12.

The race of the day went to freshman Eric Khatchadourian who began in the 3rd group and finished within :03 of Liu with a 5 mile time of 27:07. Craig Wildman and Carlos Renjifo followed Eric to the finish line with 6th and 7th places in 27:16 and 27:25 to totally shutout the Alumni.

Bob Collins was the first Has-Been finisher in 8th place, running 27:30. Sean Montgomery and Rich Rosalez placed 15th and 16th with times of 29:05 and 29:12 respectively. Rod Hinman, showing a lot of fortitude to race without training, ran 34:03 to finish the score for the Alumni. The audience sported a very talented, but injured or out of shape, group of ex harriers. Chris McGuire, Mike Parkins, Josh Feldman, Alan Raphael and Chuck Van Buren were among those leading the cheers.

Next week, MIT plays host to the annual Engineer's Cup against RPI and WPI at Franklin Park. The women race at 1:00 with the men following at 2:00.