Jan 10, 2015:

2:11 AM Ticket #409 (Django autoinstaller results in broken MIDDLEWARE) created by achernya
At some point, django.contrib.admin and django.contrib.admindocs got …

Dec 24, 2014:

10:39 PM Changeset [2662] by quentin
Fix comment. Thanks geofft.
10:35 PM Changeset [2661] by quentin
Block laublab from mail usage.

Dec 23, 2014:

3:37 PM Changeset [2660] by achernya
Certificate and configuration for 6005scripts.csail

Dec 22, 2014:

12:07 AM Changeset [2659] by andersk
OpenAFS: upgrade to 1.6.11pre1, plus patch for d_alias change

Dec 20, 2014:

2:58 PM Changeset [2658] by quentin
prune-mailq usage improvements and postcat
2:47 PM Changeset [2657] by quentin
Add features to prune-mailq show_rand

Dec 19, 2014:

2:37 AM Ticket #408 (Opt-in email) created by adehnert
Another approach to handling our "we keep getting marked as spammers" …
1:53 AM Changeset [2656] by adehnert
Disable postqueue -f and mailq for normal users postqueue -f seems like it could have detrimental effects on our spam reputation, and normal users shouldn't need to use it. mailq has privacy implications, and shouldn't be permitted to unprivileged users.
1:20 AM Ticket #407 (Block outgoing port 25) created by adehnert
In order to prevent getting marked as spammers, we should possibly …
12:33 AM Ticket #406 (Pony should create RT tickets via the API instead of by email) created by andersk
Pony should create tickets via the RT API, since apparently we’re bad …

Dec 18, 2014:

10:22 PM Changeset [2655] by andersk
openafs: Linux: d_splice_alias may drop inode reference on error Patch from http://gerrit.openafs.org/11643

Dec 17, 2014:

4:28 PM Changeset [2654] by btidor
Site disabled; update reified vhost

Dec 16, 2014:

1:22 AM Changeset [2653] by btidor
Locker emit renamed to commit

Dec 13, 2014:

12:09 PM Changeset [2652] by quentin
Block mail for compromised accounts
11:24 AM Changeset [2651] by quentin
Add required module for logging
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