Oct 16, 2013:

4:01 AM Changeset [2484] by adehnert
Update package-build-howto * Paths have changed * Explicitly mention the SRPM status

Oct 15, 2013:

11:27 AM Changeset [2483] by btidor
Certificate and configuration for cosmic-turtle
2:11 AM Changeset [2482] by adehnert
Fix version typo
2:09 AM Changeset [2481] by adehnert
Newer snapshot of python-zephyr (Scripts-#384)
2:08 AM Changeset [2480] by adehnert
Minor improvements to python-{hesiod,moira} packaging

Oct 14, 2013:

2:16 AM Ticket #381 (Disable allow_weak_crypto on scripts) closed by adehnert
2:16 AM Ticket #381 (Disable allow_weak_crypto on scripts) reopened by adehnert
2:16 AM Ticket #381 (Disable allow_weak_crypto on scripts) closed by adehnert
fixed: Committed to the fc19-dev branch, and deployed to c-w. This seems like …
2:04 AM Changeset [2479] by adehnert
Disable allow_weak_crypto (Scripts-#381) We're doing a Fedora upgrade Real Soon Now and weak crypto should no longer be needed at MIT, so this seems like a great time to disable it.

Oct 13, 2013:

6:58 PM Changeset [2478] by achernya
Certificate for achernya.com
2:48 AM Ticket #386 (Packages should only need their own source to build) created by adehnert
When I build (say) python-zephyr, I should only need to download the …
2:41 AM Changeset [2477] by adehnert
Package python-hesiod (Scripts-#385) This is based on broder's Github; when https://github.com/achernya/hesiod/pull/2 gets merged it should use achernya's hesiod upstream instead.
2:25 AM Changeset [2476] by adehnert
Add python-moira packaging (Scripts #246)

Oct 12, 2013:

5:39 PM Ticket #385 (Package python-hesiod) created by adehnert
It would be nice if Scripts had python-hesiod, for anybody who wants …

Oct 10, 2013:

1:23 AM Changeset [2475] by tboning
Fixing lack of newline in dnd.pem
1:21 AM Changeset [2474] by tboning
Certificate and configuration for dnd.mit.edu

Oct 8, 2013:

11:39 AM Ticket #384 (Update python-zephyr) created by adehnert
python-zephyr has received various updates since our version was …

Oct 7, 2013:

8:42 PM Changeset [2473] by tboning
Certifcate and configuration for isa.mit.edu

Oct 3, 2013:

9:12 PM Changeset [2472] by btidor
Add btidor to /etc/aliases

Oct 1, 2013:

11:26 PM Changeset [2471] by achernya
Stop blackholing an account
11:14 PM Changeset [2470] by cereslee
Added myself to the email aliases

Sep 24, 2013:

4:31 PM Ticket #383 (Konami code detection takes quadratic time in number of keystrokes) created by andersk
scripts-pony/scripts/templates/master.mak has a very inefficient …

Sep 22, 2013:

7:05 PM Changeset [2469] by glasgall
update httpd patches for 2.4.6
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