Aug 17, 2013:

11:54 PM Changeset [2459] by andersk
Properly check SMTP on realservers heartbeat.php has been updated too. Now we can actually take servers out of the SMTP pool with nolvs.
8:34 PM Ticket #136 (PHP 5.3 mysqlnd requires new-style passwords) closed by achernya
fixed: Passwords have been rehashed.

Aug 14, 2013:

4:27 PM Ticket #382 (Spurious quotes in munin graph) created by adehnert

Aug 6, 2013:

12:11 AM Changeset [2458] by achernya
Also add the chain
12:00 AM Changeset [2457] by achernya
Whoops. ca.pem isn't what I think it is

Aug 5, 2013:

7:22 PM Changeset [2456] by achernya
Install new *.scripts.mit.edu cert, with 4096-bit key

Aug 1, 2013:

12:01 AM Changeset [2455] by tboning
Updated fs sysname for f19

Jul 31, 2013:

11:59 PM Changeset [2454] by tboning
Update for kerberos 11.3-2

Jul 28, 2013:

1:30 PM Changeset [2453] by achernya
Add ssh-agent to the setuid blacklist

Jul 26, 2013:

6:16 PM Ticket #381 (Disable allow_weak_crypto on scripts) created by andersk
Now that OpenAFS is fixed, none of our servers should need …

Jul 25, 2013:

11:25 PM Changeset [2452] by andersk
Quick Makefile cleanup: remove some unused cruft, use https
11:10 PM Changeset [2451] by andersk
Upgrade OpenAFS to 1.6.5
10:53 PM Changeset [2450] by tboning
Removed mismerged comments from openssh.spec.patch
10:50 PM Changeset [2449] by tboning
Updated openssh to 5.9p1-30
10:46 PM Changeset [2448] by achernya
Update OpenAFS to 1.6.4
10:40 PM Changeset [2447] by andersk
New certificate for luke.wf, www.luke.wf
8:31 PM Changeset [2446] by tboning
Fixed lack of new lines in the end of chatter and set-up certs
7:57 PM Changeset [2445] by tboning
Certificate and configuration for set-up.mit.edu

Jul 23, 2013:

3:47 PM Changeset [2444] by tboning
Certificate and configuration for chatter.mit.edu
2:21 AM Ticket #380 (Scripts pony mitcert integration) created by davidben
Now that we can get real certificates, scripts ought to be pushing for …
2:16 AM Ticket #379 (Scripts sends the wrong media type for javascript files) created by davidben
The correct type is application/javascript, not …
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