Sep 9, 2012:

9:17 PM Ticket #321 (Switch static-cat to a denylist instead of allowlist) created by adehnert
Currently, static-cat (and related infrastructure) has a list of …
6:09 PM Ticket #320 (static-cat should be configurable per-user) created by adehnert
Right now, static-cat is configured globally, which means that it's …
3:18 PM Ticket #319 (Serve .txt files with static-cat) created by andersk
The original justification for not serving all .txt files to the web …
2:48 PM Changeset [2320] by andersk
Remove ref-prepatch We’ve never updated this, and it’s not how version control works anyway.
2:12 PM Ticket #318 (IE9 may need the Safari needcerts hack) created by achernya
dannybd noticed in RT #2087786, IE9 doesn't always request certs, …
2:08 PM Ticket #37 (tomcat support?) closed by glasgall
wontfix: If we support Java at all, it will be via Jetty.
1:58 PM Ticket #306 (Make logview work at least as well as it used to) closed by achernya
fixed: Apparently the chmod line got fixed. scripts-f17-dev has the correct …
1:53 PM Ticket #317 (Scripts AFS patch breaks Rails 3.2+ caching and asset pipeline) created by glasgall
The Scripts AFS patch unintentionally disallows chmod() calls that …
1:49 PM Ticket #316 (Autoinstaller or template fcgis for WSGI and Rack apps) created by glasgall
It should be easy for people to install/run Python WSGI or Ruby Rack …

Sep 8, 2012:

10:42 PM Ticket #164 (Zend Guard support) closed by achernya
8:55 PM Changeset [2319] by geofft
Merge r2314 (Don't export autoinstalls over git://) to trunk

Sep 5, 2012:

11:41 PM Changeset [2318] by ezyang
Notes for setting up XVM test server.
12:41 AM Changeset [2317] by adehnert
We're well past F9, and the filename should reflect that
12:39 AM Changeset [2316] by adehnert
Minor updates to the install instructions
12:11 AM Changeset [2315] by ezyang
Updated XVM instructions plus kickstarter.

Sep 3, 2012:

2:53 AM Ticket #315 (Migrate procmail examples elsewhere) created by adehnert
Currently, http://scripts.mit.edu/mail/ links to …
2:44 AM Changeset [2314] by geofft
git: Don't export autoinstalls over git:// by default The "git-daemon-export-ok" flag file is used by both git-daemon and git-http-backend. Since we run a git-daemon out of ~/Scripts/git by default, using this flag file means that even if you change your autoinstall's .htaccess to deny public read, the repository is still publicly readable over git://. Fortunately, git-http-backend takes an environment variable as an alternative, which we can set in our wrapper script.

Sep 2, 2012:

5:18 AM Ticket #314 (Use ~/Scripts/web/ instead of ~/web_scripts/ for new users) closed by andersk
wontfix: I clarified #263 to say that we intend to set the document root to …
4:57 AM Ticket #314 (Use ~/Scripts/web/ instead of ~/web_scripts/ for new users) created by adehnert
web_scripts is sorta an annoying name and contributes to clutter in …
3:36 AM Ticket #137 (Django's manage.py should mention ssh'ing to scripts on failure) closed by geofft
wontfix: I'm no longer convinced this is a great idea (per Andrew's objection, …
1:46 AM Ticket #10 (make it easier to set custom Perl library paths) closed by adehnert
1:45 AM Ticket #10 (make it easier to set custom Perl library paths) reopened by adehnert
1:45 AM Ticket #10 (make it easier to set custom Perl library paths) closed by adehnert
fixed: Nobody's cared enough to fix this for Perl in the last five years. …
1:35 AM Ticket #19 (Subversion autoinstaller) closed by geofft
wontfix: If no one has cared enough to do this in the last 5 years, nobody is …

Sep 1, 2012:

11:27 PM StarterTickets edited by adehnert
add languages (diff)
3:03 PM Ticket #313 (PHP: Install OCI8 Extension) created by btidor
Scripts should have the OCI8 extension installed so that hosted PHP …
10:31 AM Ticket #275 (cronload should error when run without arguments) closed by ezyang
fixed: Committed in r2313, thanks for the patch! (For future reference, it's …
10:30 AM Changeset [2313] by ezyang
More robust error handling for cronload, by btidor.

Aug 29, 2012:

2:57 PM Ticket #304 (Django Autoinstaller is Entirely Broken on F17) closed by achernya
fixed: Fixed in commits r2309 and r2311; merged in r2310 and r2312.
2:51 PM Ticket #312 (Scripts LVS primary doesn't work for IDs 11, 12) created by achernya
Something weird happens when you set the primary to lucky-star or …
1:36 PM Changeset [2312] by achernya
Merge r2311 from locker-dev to trunk
1:36 PM Changeset [2311] by achernya
Re-enable Django
1:27 PM Changeset [2310] by achernya
Merge r2309 from locker-dev to trunk
1:23 PM Changeset [2309] by achernya
Fix the Django autoinstaller for 1.4
11:34 AM Changeset [2308] by achernya
Add intermediate certificates for luke.wf
10:51 AM Ticket #311 (Check up on git with certificates) created by achernya
According to RT #2036293, git with certificates doesn't work quite as …

Aug 22, 2012:

12:15 AM Ticket #310 (Move sql to a more stable distro) created by adehnert
Fedora gets desupported frequently, and we mostly don't care about …

Aug 20, 2012:

8:00 PM Ticket #62 (Unbreak phpMyAdmin) closed by achernya
fixed: We've moved to the git checkout of phpMyAdmin, and the scripts changes …

Aug 19, 2012:

11:25 PM Changeset [2307] by quentin
Only dump real user accounts, and not LDAP-only users.

Aug 18, 2012:

5:26 PM Ticket #309 (conserver log rotation doesn't work / spews) closed by quentin
invalid: conserver has no consoles configured, so the daemon doesn't even start …
1:03 PM Changeset [2306] by ezyang
Don't starve non-find commands, handle concurrent writes to file.
12:33 PM Changeset [2305] by ezyang
Haskell version of parallel-find.
9:25 AM Ticket #309 (conserver log rotation doesn't work / spews) created by ezyang
On conan-obrien […] The trouble is that /var/run/conserver.pid no …

Aug 17, 2012:

4:44 PM Changeset [2304] by ezyang
Allow user list generation to access LDAP credentials.
4:35 PM Changeset [2303] by ezyang
Revert previous commit.
4:30 PM Changeset [2302] by ezyang
A note for the next maintainer to mailbomb us.
12:10 AM Changeset [2301] by ezyang
Bump Kerberos version and fix fuzz.
12:08 AM Changeset [2300] by ezyang
List get-homedirs in files list for accountadm

Aug 16, 2012:

9:13 PM Changeset [2299] by ezyang
Make get-homedirs part of accountadm package, so that we can reference it in sudoers.
10:46 AM Changeset [2298] by ezyang
More updates from Wizard install.
10:28 AM Changeset [2297] by ezyang
Refactor to support pushes to Wizard. This invalidates the old 'common' cache.

Aug 14, 2012:

4:04 AM Changeset [2296] by geofft
Update to Postfix 2.9.4
3:19 AM Changeset [2295] by geofft
Certificate renewals for ai6034 and classof2014
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