Aug 8, 2012:

11:17 AM Changeset [2294] by ezyang
Message no long occurs due to upstream fix (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=711156)
11:15 AM Changeset [2293] by ezyang
File capabilities respect nosuid too (https://github.com/torvalds/linux/blob/v3.5/security/commoncap.c#L434), so omit /var/lib/mock fscap files too.
9:50 AM Changeset [2292] by ezyang
Ignore setuid binaries in /var/lib/mock, which are nosuid'd

Aug 7, 2012:

6:46 AM Changeset [2291] by ezyang
Remount /var/lib/mock as nosuid
2:30 AM Changeset [2290] by achernya
Really add the mitchief cert.
2:21 AM Changeset [2289] by achernya
Certificate and configuration for mitchief.org

Aug 5, 2012:

10:26 AM Changeset [2288] by ezyang
OpenAFS for Linux 3.5

Aug 3, 2012:

9:19 PM Changeset [2287] by glasgall
Merge in 2259:2281 (fix Rails 3 on scripts, for good this time)

Aug 2, 2012:

11:41 PM Ticket #297 (whois server broken on F17) closed by achernya
fixed: Fixed this a long time ago, approximately June 28.

Aug 1, 2012:

1:23 PM Changeset [2286] by ezyang
Merge in 2283:2285 (remove django and joomla from scripts-start)
1:16 PM Changeset [2285] by ezyang
Remove Django as it is broken at the moment.
1:12 PM Changeset [2284] by ezyang
Joomla is known broken with PHP 5.4, removed from install list.
5:23 AM Changeset [2283] by geofft
Add SSLCertificateChainFile for the renewals from r2282
5:21 AM Changeset [2282] by geofft
A pile of certificate renewals
12:43 AM Changeset [2281] by glasgall
Replace Rack::PathInfoRewriter with ScriptNameRewriter, which just strips public/dispatch.fcgi out of SCRIPT_NAME so that Rails generates correct URLs
12:43 AM Changeset [2280] by glasgall
Set config.action_controller.asset_host for all environments so link generation for static assets works
12:43 AM Changeset [2279] by glasgall
Don't set RAILS_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT; it breaks accessing apps by hostname
12:43 AM Changeset [2278] by glasgall
Fix autoinstalled Rails .htaccess
12:43 AM Changeset [2277] by glasgall
remove cargo-culted creation of .failed files
12:42 AM Changeset [2276] by glasgall
Update instructions to user at end of script for rails 3
12:42 AM Changeset [2275] by glasgall
Make robots.txt work in the autoinstaller

Jul 31, 2012:

10:11 AM Changeset [2274] by achernya
Set locale to C so sort produces consistent results for rpm-sync
9:36 AM Changeset [2273] by achernya
Actually chmod the files, too
9:31 AM Changeset [2272] by achernya
/sbin moved too
9:29 AM Changeset [2271] by achernya
Update statoveride post-action for /bin -> /usr/bin transition

Jul 28, 2012:

4:56 PM Changeset [2270] by ezyang
Add Scripts-IP for debugging purposes (identify real server, no X- prefix as that is deprecated by IETF)
12:50 AM Changeset [2269] by ezyang
Split sql-mit-edu.cfg.php into sql-password for platform agnosticism.
12:43 AM Changeset [2268] by ezyang
Cutover updates

Jul 27, 2012:

3:35 PM Changeset [2267] by andersk
Move php sessions to /var/lib/scripts-php-sessions
1:47 PM Changeset [2266] by achernya
Certificate renewal for metu.mit.edu

Jul 24, 2012:

7:00 PM Changeset [2265] by andersk
mbash: exec bash This is far from ideal—we still lose the login shell flag and fail at running the right dotfiles—but at least it unbreaks gdb.
12:00 AM Milestone Fedora 17 completed

Jul 21, 2012:

9:39 PM Changeset [2264] by adehnert
Switch to upstream cipher suites
7:46 PM Changeset [2263] by geofft
Certificate and configuration for luke.wf and www.luke.wf

Jul 18, 2012:

3:55 PM Ticket #308 (Trac autoinstaller shouldn't default to log_level = DEBUG) created by adehnert
This generates too much spew by default. Users who need debug logs can …

Jul 17, 2012:

7:04 PM Changeset [2262] by glasgall
whitespace cleanups
7:04 PM Changeset [2261] by glasgall
Properly find the name of the application class for Rails apps The previous method was a hack that broke on apps with hyphens in the name. Actually read it out of config/application.rb now.
7:04 PM Changeset [2260] by glasgall
Make Rails apps work when accessed via a hostname Right now accessing a rails app by anything besides lockername.scripts.mit.edu/appname is broken. Fix this by removing the RewriteBase directives from the app's .htaccess files and adding a mapping from "/" to the app to the app's Rack::URLMap.
7:03 PM Changeset [2259] by glasgall
Depend on minitest to make 'rails console' work on ruby1.9
12:38 PM Ticket #307 (Gallery sometimes double-compresses) created by achernya
As per [https://help.mit.edu/Ticket/Display.html?id=1980206 RT …
11:49 AM Ticket #306 (Make logview work at least as well as it used to) created by achernya
/home/logview is created as 700, but needs to be 710 for the setgid …
11:42 AM Ticket #305 (Joomla Autoinstaller Installs non-PHP 5.4-friendly Joomla) created by achernya
Joomla autoinstaller needs to be updated. Possibly wizardified?
11:22 AM Ticket #304 (Django Autoinstaller is Entirely Broken on F17) created by achernya
settings.py is entirely empty. The autoinstaller needs to be fixed, or …

Jul 11, 2012:

1:26 PM Ticket #303 (Install instructions are still incomplete) created by ezyang
Missing things - Instructions for testing autoinstallers/signup/sql …
11:38 AM Ticket #302 (Django packages are getting renamed in F18/F19) created by achernya
As per the [https://fedorahosted.org/fpc/ticket/146 Fedora Packaging …

Jul 10, 2012:

6:49 PM Ticket #301 (Requesting hostnames should report success obviously) created by achernya
Pony currently does not report success in a very obvious way. The web …
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