Jun 29, 2012:

4:43 AM Ticket #299 (Django admin media moved in F17) created by adehnert
In /etc/httpd/conf.d/scripts-special.conf: […] needs to instead …
4:42 AM Ticket #298 (django-filter in yum doesn't support Django 1.4) created by adehnert
See upstream bug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=836089.
12:23 AM Changeset [2256] by quentin
Add a NRPE command for monitoring SMTP on localhost

Jun 28, 2012:

11:32 PM Changeset [2255] by quentin
Partially revert r2254, and allow postfix to calculate its own mynetworks.
11:18 PM Changeset [2254] by achernya
Update to postfix 2.9.3
1:22 PM Changeset [2253] by achernya
Add g-e, l-s, and m-c to the locker's known_hosts.
11:11 AM Changeset [2252] by achernya
Add m-c and l-s to known hosts
11:02 AM Changeset [2251] by achernya
Enable hostbased to m-c and l-s

Jun 27, 2012:

11:59 PM Changeset [2250] by ezyang
Remove F15 from pool.
11:08 PM Changeset [2249] by ezyang
Lower weight of w-e, the inaugural F17 primary.
10:48 PM Changeset [2248] by ezyang
Add all new FC17 servers to pool.
10:44 PM Changeset [2247] by ezyang
Add entries for miracle-cure and lucky-star.
10:29 PM Changeset [2246] by ezyang
Reintegrate Fedora 17 development branch into trunk.
10:26 PM Changeset [2245] by ezyang
Merging r2215 through r2244 from trunk.
10:24 PM Changeset [2244] by ezyang
Fedora 15 end-of-life
10:24 PM Changeset [2243] by ezyang
Check selinux, and move resolv.conf earlier.
10:22 PM Ticket #297 (whois server broken on F17) created by ezyang
What it says on the tin. […]
10:17 PM Ticket #273 (Fedora 17 development) closed by ezyang
10:12 PM Ticket #296 (Xen pygrub cannot handle grub2) created by ezyang
Xen needs this patch series …
10:05 PM Ticket #279 (Renumber local users on Scripts servers) closed by ezyang
fixed: Fixed, with the assistance of elefthei.
10:04 PM Changeset [2242] by ezyang
Bump sql-signup-pam uid check up given Fedora's uid renumbering, thanks elefthei for identifying.
9:56 PM Changeset [2241] by ezyang
Updates to install documentation.

Jun 26, 2012:

11:49 PM Changeset [2240] by ezyang
Add lucky-star and miracle-cure to httpd config.
9:29 PM Changeset [2239] by ezyang
Re-add vanilla dirsrv config, since we need it to start
9:24 PM Changeset [2238] by ezyang
Move keytab specification to scripts dirsrv instance.
2:02 PM Changeset [2237] by achernya
Reify eastgate.conf to bring it in sync with ldap, again

Jun 25, 2012:

5:55 PM Changeset [2236] by achernya
Correct typo in hosts file
5:44 PM Changeset [2235] by achernya
Add miracle-cure and lucky-star to hosts and route
12:02 PM Changeset [2234] by achernya
Reify eastgate.conf to bring it in sync with ldap

Jun 24, 2012:

11:37 PM Ticket #295 (bash: lspci: command not found) closed by ezyang
fixed: Fixed upstream.
11:27 PM Ticket #287 (Make sure httpd/afsagent/openafs deps all work) closed by ezyang
fixed: Green indicates after: […] Looks good.

Jun 21, 2012:

11:23 AM Changeset [2233] by quentin
Block raskar from sending mail; he has been unresponsive to our attempts to get him to fix his configuration.

Jun 18, 2012:

6:45 PM Changeset [2232] by achernya
Remove detrimental kuserok patches from openssh
6:44 PM Changeset [2231] by achernya
Update to krb5 1.10.2

Jun 10, 2012:

6:39 PM Changeset [2230] by ezyang
Update instructions for F17.
5:13 PM Ticket #295 (bash: lspci: command not found) created by ezyang
Due to https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=827440 Right now, …

Jun 6, 2012:

3:44 PM Changeset [2229] by geofft
Certificate renewals for tours and scripts-cert Includes the InCommon intermediate cert fetched from the URL in mitcert's email (and re-reifications to support intermediate certs).
3:38 PM Changeset [2228] by geofft
Canonicalize SSLCertificateChainFile location to match r2227
3:33 PM Changeset [2227] by geofft
reify-vhost: Add SSLCertificateChainFile by default It makes the case of sites with intermediate certs not differ from the output of this script, and it's harmless for sites without intermediate certs.
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