Apr 12, 2012:

11:38 AM Changeset [2179] by achernya
Remove blue-sun-corp certificate and configuration, long expired

Apr 10, 2012:

1:30 PM Changeset [2178] by achernya
Certificate renewal for finboard and carepackages
1:25 AM Changeset [2177] by geofft
Revert r2176 We should allow SSLProxy* to be configurable in .htaccess context first, which seems like more work than I want to do right at the moment.

Apr 9, 2012:

6:21 PM Changeset [2176] by geofft
Enable SSLProxyEngine This allows you to mod_proxy (e.g., RewriteRule [P]) to https sites. Sadly, the default config does not verify remote certificates. We may want to change that default.

Apr 8, 2012:

4:25 PM Changeset [2175] by ezyang
Force the PATH to be in front.
4:23 PM Changeset [2174] by ezyang
Add warning about Git version.

Apr 6, 2012:

2:29 PM Changeset [2173] by achernya
fping now has capabilities
2:27 PM Changeset [2172] by achernya
Certificate renewal for asa and bc

Mar 26, 2012:

9:34 PM Changeset [2171] by ezyang
Enable yum-updatesd.service
6:01 PM Changeset [2170] by ezyang
Port csdb patch to systemd, and include mousetrap db.
5:40 PM Changeset [2169] by ezyang
Split up cellServDB into mousetrap and local.
4:46 PM Changeset [2168] by ezyang
Update crond systemd patch.
4:07 PM Changeset [2167] by ezyang
Add fuse-better-mousetrapfs to scripts-base.
3:48 PM Changeset [2166] by ezyang
Add enabled services that we definitely want.
3:25 PM Changeset [2165] by ezyang
Add OpenAFS to the dependencies of remote-fs.
3:24 PM Changeset [2164] by ezyang
Bind this mount more closely to the AFS service.
3:08 PM Changeset [2163] by ezyang
Don't use local for better-mousetrapfs.
3:07 PM Changeset [2162] by ezyang
Don't store better-mousetrapfs in local.
2:40 PM Changeset [2161] by ezyang
Remove pointless race checking; kernel doesn't preserve old proc directories.
2:38 PM Changeset [2160] by ezyang
Avoid races if /proc directory goes away
1:58 PM Changeset [2159] by ezyang
s/AUTH/AUTHPRIV/ and report cwd too.
1:47 PM Changeset [2158] by ezyang
Log to AUTH so we get zephyrs.
2:54 AM Changeset [2157] by ezyang
Latest httpd fixes CVEs we were patching.
2:52 AM Changeset [2156] by ezyang
CellServDB entry for the mousetrap directory, so it can be mounted.
2:49 AM Changeset [2155] by ezyang
Configuration for setting the mousetrap.
2:49 AM Changeset [2154] by ezyang
Make better-mousetrapfs actually build.
1:35 AM Changeset [2153] by ezyang
Version bump for httpd.
12:43 AM Changeset [2152] by adehnert
Split out AFS nagios checks
12:16 AM Changeset [2151] by ezyang
Package andersk's better-mousetrapfs

Mar 24, 2012:

9:00 PM Changeset [2150] by ezyang
Merge r2149: Make Rails autoinstaller work with Rails 3.
8:40 PM Changeset [2149] by ezyang
Make Rails autoinstaller work with Rails 3: - Rewrite the dispatcher we generate to work with Rack and rewrite paths appropriately - Explicitly take a dependency on the 'fcgi' gem in the generated app's Gemfile - Update invocation of 'rails' to new app generation syntax and semantics Patch contributed by Adam Glasgall <glasgall@mit.edu>

Mar 19, 2012:

1:28 PM Changeset [2148] by achernya
Certificate renewal for tibetforum

Mar 16, 2012:

4:08 AM Ticket #280 (Separate core AFS monitoring from foreign cells) created by adehnert
At the moment, it's hard to tell when a nagios AFS warning is due to …
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