Feb 11, 2012:

6:58 PM Changeset [2133] by achernya
Remove environment.cron environment.cron set an SELinux context, which is not needed since Scripts does not run SELinux.
5:00 PM Changeset [2132] by achernya
Add route for primary-key

Feb 10, 2012:

3:49 PM Changeset [2131] by mitchb
New CellServDB from Ops Bye-bye dev cell, and all other updates from GCO through Augustish.

Feb 2, 2012:

12:40 PM Changeset [2130] by achernya
Certificate renewal schuh

Jan 31, 2012:

6:53 PM Changeset [2129] by andersk
scripts-createrepo: Use paranoid ssh options again
6:51 PM Changeset [2128] by andersk
scripts-createrepo: Get Fedora version from server
6:51 PM Changeset [2127] by andersk
scripts-createrepo: Use paranoid ssh options
6:28 PM Changeset [2126] by andersk
scripts-createrepo: New script for running createrepo on a scripts server
6:15 PM Changeset [2125] by andersk
Upgrade krb5.spec.patch to 1.9.2-4
2:24 AM Ticket #250 (F15 comes with Rails 3) reopened by achernya
It turns out that while this fixed Rails 2 applications, we currently …
1:21 AM Changeset [2124] by achernya
Fix rails harder.
1:07 AM Changeset [2123] by achernya
Fix rails invocation during autoinstalls For the F15 release, the `rails` command syntax was changed from `rails` to `rails new`.

Jan 30, 2012:

8:50 PM Ticket #277 (Upgrade story for MediaWiki 1.18 (math removal)) created by ezyang
In MediaWiki? 1.18, the math plugin stopped being shipped by default. …

Jan 29, 2012:

11:35 PM Changeset [2122] by andersk
scripts-static-cat: Link Haskell libs statically for 3x faster startup speed

Jan 26, 2012:

8:59 PM Changeset [2121] by geofft
Rebecca, go away.

Jan 25, 2012:

4:26 PM Changeset [2120] by adehnert
Revert r2118 Other scripts folks had a way to do this with .htaccess (see also r2119, which makes the .htaccess stuff simpler).
4:11 PM Changeset [2119] by andersk
Rename /__scripts/safarihack to /__scripts/certerror Apparently this thing is actually useful. (It enables a workaround for the fact that browsers don’t let you try again after failing to present a certificate under SSLVerifyClient optional.) We should give it a real name before telling anyone to use it.
1:04 PM Changeset [2118] by adehnert
Require certs for ASA DB vhost on :444. Per personal communication, in order to cut down on the people who don't provide a cert and end up unable to log in.

Jan 23, 2012:

3:25 PM Changeset [2117] by achernya
Certificate renewal for classmates and psetcentral

Jan 22, 2012:

2:21 AM Changeset [2116] by geofft
Remove cook.bluechi.ps per request from broder

Jan 21, 2012:

10:58 PM Changeset [2115] by geofft
Certificate, chain, and configuration for blog.gregbrockman.com [help.mit.edu #1867881]

Jan 19, 2012:

11:10 PM Changeset [2114] by achernya
Make whoisd (hopefully) more reliable whoisd was systemd-ified for F15, replacing the cron-based @reboot startup. Unfortunately, this made whoisd prone to failing to start, as the dependencies were not correctly stated. This adds dirsrv as a dependency, as it was implicitly in the cron-based system. Additionally, prevent twistd from making a /twistd.pid by specifying the path that was used from the cron-start era. The --pidfile was removed as it was not needed by systemd, which uses cgroups to manage processes. Unfortunately, twistd insists on pidfiles, so this prevents twistd from polluting /.

Jan 15, 2012:

10:02 PM Changeset [2113] by ezyang
Fix clobbered hunk.
9:56 PM Changeset [2112] by ezyang
More docs.
9:20 PM Changeset [2111] by achernya
Update install-howto.sh to make more sense
4:51 AM Changeset [2110] by adehnert
Move asa.mit.edu vhost to asa-db locker (per personal communication)

Jan 13, 2012:

1:16 AM Changeset [2109] by andersk
Renew certificates for isawyou, cs6090
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