Apr 19, 2011:

3:22 PM Changeset [1814] by achernya
reified carepackages and updated configuration for finboard.
2:48 PM Changeset [1813] by geofft
Certificate for carepackages [help.mit.edu #1580716]
2:46 PM Changeset [1812] by achernya
Actually remove the 389-ds-base patch
1:54 PM Changeset [1811] by geofft
Certificate renewal for finboard

Apr 18, 2011:

6:27 PM Changeset [1810] by achernya
Updated krb5 patch to get rid of now-unused variables.
12:44 PM Changeset [1809] by achernya
Stop backporting cluster-glue, heartbeat, and pacemaker from F12. We were backporting these packages back when we had F11 servers, but the pacemaker version we needed for hacron was only available in F12. We're about to have F15 servers, which has newer versions. Hopefully this won't break hacron.
12:17 PM Changeset [1808] by achernya
Additional necessary changes to build the Scripts RPMs on Fedora 15: * Update the updates-released URL to download3.fedora.redhat.com in the mock configuration * Update openssh.spec.patch to apply to openssh5.6p1 * Regenerate and fix ghc-MonadCatchIO-mtl.spec

Apr 16, 2011:

7:59 PM Changeset [1807] by achernya
Necessary changes to build the Scripts RPMs on Fedora 15: * Stop scriptsifying 389-ds-base, as it appears to have Mitch's patch * Update krb5.spec.patch for krb5-1.9 * Update the krb5-kuserok-scripts.patch to work with krb5-1.9 (code review requested) * Update httpd.spec.patch to apply properly to Fedora's newly cleaned-up httpd.spec * Bump zephyr to version 3.0.1
3:44 AM Changeset [1806] by adehnert
Make Django properly handle the index page Without this, the URL that Django sees for the index page will be $addrend. With it, it sees the empty string, which seems to make more sense.
3:37 AM Changeset [1805] by adehnert
git smart HTTP transport autoinstaller

Apr 15, 2011:

9:28 PM Changeset [1804] by achernya
Added mock configuration for Fedora 15, edited make file to use fc15-dev
9:18 PM Changeset [1803] by achernya
Creating a branch for Fedora 15 development.

Apr 13, 2011:

2:37 AM Changeset [1802] by adehnert
New certs for bc and asa

Apr 11, 2011:

4:07 AM Changeset [1801] by adehnert
Revert part of r1800
4:05 AM Changeset [1800] by adehnert
Set permissions properly on Apache log files

Apr 4, 2011:

3:22 PM Changeset [1799] by geofft
Lower s-a's (the current primary) priority This isn't actually right, because it should track the current primary, but it's close enough for now.

Apr 3, 2011:

3:38 AM Ticket #198 (svn doesn't deal with unknown vhosts or repos well) created by adehnert
While working on #166 (git doesn't handle unknown vhosts), I looked …

Apr 2, 2011:

3:58 AM Ticket #197 (Making setting up the git smart HTTP server easy) created by adehnert
At the moment, we support read/write SVN repos and read-only git …
3:50 AM Changeset [1798] by adehnert
Useful error with unknown git vhost (Trac: #166)

Mar 27, 2011:

8:41 PM Changeset [1797] by adehnert
New cert for tibetforum

Mar 26, 2011:

9:53 AM Changeset [1796] by mitchb
New mod_original_dst - makes Apache use original destination IP In a setup where requests have passed through a transparent proxy, or an iptables REDIRECT rule, the destination address of the traffic changes. The netfilter code provides an option (SO_ORIGINAL_DST) to find out the original destination address. In an Apache vhost that is IP-based instead of name-based, you may need the original address in order to match the vhost. This module causes Apache to always see the original, instead of the redirected, destination. Apache module written by Anders Kaseorg Method for obtaining the original address pointed out by Quentin Smith Trivial packaging updates for Scripts by Mitch Berger

Mar 25, 2011:

8:21 PM Changeset [1795] by mitchb
Bump krb5 release number and rebuild for upstream update
7:06 PM Changeset [1794] by mitchb
Update version in Postfix's documentation directories Because postfix seems to think it's okay to declare things like your config files as... well... config files, and then go and edit them anyway.
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