Mar 14, 2011:

5:27 PM Ticket #125 (Set up issue tracking for private scripts.mit.edu Trac tickets) closed by geofft
fixed: Removed SensitiveTicketsPlugin? because it doesn't work. I also …

Mar 12, 2011:

5:15 PM Ticket #195 (Allow connections to the primary from scripts servers) closed by mitchb
duplicate: This *is* #175.
9:11 AM Ticket #195 (Allow connections to the primary from scripts servers) created by adehnert
In all likelihood, fixing this would also lead to fixing (or …

Mar 10, 2011:

2:17 AM Changeset [1787] by andersk
/etc/scripts/modprobe: Tighten binfmt-464c check Substring matching was sloppy; check that the arguments match the expected ones exactly.

Mar 8, 2011:

5:14 PM Ticket #194 (Disable mail to *@scripts-vhosts.mit.edu) created by andersk
Many sendmail installations, including MIT’s, canonicalize …

Mar 3, 2011:

5:19 PM Changeset [1786] by geofft
vhost and cert for gsc [help.mit.edu #1491793]

Mar 1, 2011:

12:53 AM Ticket #193 (Keep contact address on file for accounts) created by adehnert
It would be useful for a couple reasons to have email addresses on …
12:40 AM Ticket #185 (Find a better replacement for Advanced PHP Guestbook) closed by adehnert
wontfix: We seem to be talking lately about making certain autoinstalls …

Feb 27, 2011:

3:58 AM Changeset [1785] by geofft
suexec also needs to know about filetypes: add ttf and otf

Feb 26, 2011:

11:14 AM Changeset [1784] by geofft
Add .ttf and .otf font file types

Feb 18, 2011:

11:40 PM Changeset [1783] by geofft
Refresh krb5.spec.patch
5:48 PM Changeset [1782] by geofft
for-each-server: Remove dependency on machtype and simplify code

Feb 17, 2011:

10:48 PM Changeset [1781] by geofft
Don't log harmless modprobe requests for invalid ELF binaries
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