Jan 17, 2011:

9:55 AM Changeset [1772] by mitchb
Bump virtual address space limit from 1.25G to 1.5G, reluctantly We bumped it from 1G to 1.25G to make java work when we upgraded from F9 to F11. People are now having problems with that limit on F13, and it seems that this will allow people who need -Xmx256M to actually use it.

Jan 16, 2011:

3:09 AM Changeset [1771] by mitchb
Renewed certificate for eastgate

Jan 13, 2011:

9:51 PM Changeset [1770] by geofft
Certificate renewal for picker.mit.edu

Jan 11, 2011:

8:52 PM Ticket #190 (SQL utility scripts should do more error checking) created by ezyang
For example, if the .sql/my.cnf file is missing, get-password returns …

Jan 3, 2011:

12:22 AM Changeset [1769] by geofft
Certificate and vhost config for cook.bluechi.ps

Jan 2, 2011:

8:12 PM Changeset [1768] by geofft
Rename current scripts.key to scripts-1024.key. * httpd.conf: Default to scripts-1024.key for now. * Blue Sun vhosts: Refer to scripts.key instead of scripts-new.key. * reify-vhost: Add SSLCertificateKeyFile scripts.key for now for newly-reified vhosts, and a comment about what we're doing.
7:41 PM Changeset [1767] by geofft
New *.blue-sun-corp.com cert signed against 4096-bit key
7:39 PM Changeset [1766] by geofft
Update Blue Sun vhosts to new (4096-bit) key
4:16 PM Changeset [1765] by geofft
New certificate for *.blue-sun-corp.com

Dec 24, 2010:

7:52 PM Changeset [1764] by mitchb
Renewed certificates for impact and debathena
7:24 AM Changeset [1763] by mitchb
Ensure that the same arch of httpd and httpdmods are installed
6:56 AM Changeset [1762] by mitchb
Version bump and rebuild of 389-ds-base (yes, again again) Also move virtual Provides: scripts-389-ds out of the -devel subpackage and into the base package. (from andersk)

Dec 23, 2010:

10:50 PM Changeset [1761] by andersk
Use arch-specific dependencies in scripts-base scripts requires both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of certain library packages; enforce that they are installed. Also remove the useless dependencies on openafs and openafs-docs.
4:23 PM Changeset [1760] by andersk
Stop cron mail from bouncing to root This undoes the effect of this patch in cronie 1.4: http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=192452 which caused mail to come from root by default instead of the user, and therefore bounce to root@scripts.mit.edu instead of to an undeliverable address when the user has no procmailrc.

Dec 18, 2010:

2:06 AM Changeset [1759] by mitchb
Version bump and rebuild of 389-ds-base
12:26 AM Changeset [1758] by geofft
Don't run the QuickPrint cronjob on non-user-available machines
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