Jan 13, 2011:

9:51 PM Changeset [1770] by geofft
Certificate renewal for picker.mit.edu

Jan 11, 2011:

8:52 PM Ticket #190 (SQL utility scripts should do more error checking) created by ezyang
For example, if the .sql/my.cnf file is missing, get-password returns …

Jan 3, 2011:

12:22 AM Changeset [1769] by geofft
Certificate and vhost config for cook.bluechi.ps

Jan 2, 2011:

8:12 PM Changeset [1768] by geofft
Rename current scripts.key to scripts-1024.key. * httpd.conf: Default to scripts-1024.key for now. * Blue Sun vhosts: Refer to scripts.key instead of scripts-new.key. * reify-vhost: Add SSLCertificateKeyFile scripts.key for now for newly-reified vhosts, and a comment about what we're doing.
7:41 PM Changeset [1767] by geofft
New *.blue-sun-corp.com cert signed against 4096-bit key
7:39 PM Changeset [1766] by geofft
Update Blue Sun vhosts to new (4096-bit) key
4:16 PM Changeset [1765] by geofft
New certificate for *.blue-sun-corp.com

Dec 24, 2010:

7:52 PM Changeset [1764] by mitchb
Renewed certificates for impact and debathena
7:24 AM Changeset [1763] by mitchb
Ensure that the same arch of httpd and httpdmods are installed
6:56 AM Changeset [1762] by mitchb
Version bump and rebuild of 389-ds-base (yes, again again) Also move virtual Provides: scripts-389-ds out of the -devel subpackage and into the base package. (from andersk)

Dec 23, 2010:

10:50 PM Changeset [1761] by andersk
Use arch-specific dependencies in scripts-base scripts requires both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of certain library packages; enforce that they are installed. Also remove the useless dependencies on openafs and openafs-docs.
4:23 PM Changeset [1760] by andersk
Stop cron mail from bouncing to root This undoes the effect of this patch in cronie 1.4: http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=192452 which caused mail to come from root by default instead of the user, and therefore bounce to root@scripts.mit.edu instead of to an undeliverable address when the user has no procmailrc.

Dec 18, 2010:

2:06 AM Changeset [1759] by mitchb
Version bump and rebuild of 389-ds-base
12:26 AM Changeset [1758] by geofft
Don't run the QuickPrint cronjob on non-user-available machines

Dec 16, 2010:

11:48 PM Ticket #189 (make Wizard capable of upgrading cert-protected sites) created by geofft
If your site is protected by certificates (or passwords), wizard can't …
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