Aug 12, 2010:

2:14 AM Ticket #164 (Zend Guard support) created by ezyang
Zend Optimizer is an …

Aug 11, 2010:

11:50 PM Ticket #163 (401 page should link users to renew their certificates at ...) reopened by geofft
Replying to andersk: > People with expired certificates …
1:34 AM Ticket #163 (401 page should link users to renew their certificates at ...) closed by andersk
invalid: People with expired certificates get an SSL error message from their …
12:35 AM Ticket #163 (401 page should link users to renew their certificates at ...) created by afarrell
Users coming to sites hosted on scripts.mit.edu that require …

Aug 1, 2010:

6:42 PM Changeset [1591] by adehnert
Updated certificate for metu.mit.edu

Jul 28, 2010:

4:17 PM Ticket #162 (Upgrade scripts servers to Fedora 13) created by andersk
Fedora 11 reached …

Jul 25, 2010:

5:10 AM Ticket #104 (Improve for-each-server script) closed by adehnert
invalid: ETIMEOUT "Improve for-each-server" isn't really an actionable ticket, …
4:47 AM Ticket #87 (On an autoinstalled trac using git, going to Browse Source can time ...) closed by adehnert
worksforme: ETIMEOUT
4:42 AM Ticket #161 (Wizard should allow displaying messages to user) created by adehnert
AIUI, there's currently no good way for a Wizard-based autoinstaller …

Jul 18, 2010:

7:41 PM Ticket #117 (Review and deploy Haskell static-cat) closed by andersk
fixed: Fixed in r1590 and deployed!
7:02 PM Changeset [1590] by andersk
Package new static-cat written in Haskell. This adds support for Content-Encoding, If-Modified-Since, Range, If-Range, and REQUEST_METHOD.

Jul 17, 2010:

10:01 PM Ticket #160 (hosts don't support ext4) created by geofft
If we want to run ext4 on the guests, I, uh, probably want the ability …
10:00 PM Ticket #159 (sensitive tickets plugin causes a bug with milestones) created by geofft
I clicked on "Fedora 11" on the milestones page and got: > Trac …
6:53 PM Changeset [1589] by andersk
mod_vhost_ldap: Fix /~user URLs. This also re-enables the upstream apacheScriptAlias handling that was previously disabled for no good reason (we don’t use it, but its existence isn’t harmful), and fixes the same problem in it. The patch has been sent upstream to http://bugs.debian.org/589461 .
3:53 PM Changeset [1588] by andersk
Update mod_vhost_ldap to 2.0.5 Now that mod_vhost_ldap upstream has taken all our patches except the non-upstreamable one that hard-codes the /~username alias for our vhosts, it might be a good idea to upgrade. (Hopefully, gdb’s arbitrary-directives work will eventually provide a good way to upstream the /~username functionality.)

Jul 16, 2010:

2:43 AM Changeset [1587] by geofft
Patch Ghostscript overflow error, see GS bug #691295 (CVE-2010-1628)

Jul 14, 2010:

12:57 AM Changeset [1586] by geofft
Update to libpng 1.2.44 (CVE-2010-1205) (CVE-2010-2249)
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