Mar 22, 2010:

10:44 PM Ticket #85 (Trac autoinstaller should configure trac.ini properly when using git) closed by mitchb
fixed: Fixed by Alex in r1512, merged to trunk in r1514 and deployed.
10:39 PM Changeset [1514] by mitchb
Fix Trac's git browser plugin in autoinstalls Closes Trac #85 (Merge of r1511:1512 from branches/locker-dev to trunk, from adehnert)
10:31 PM Ticket #113 (Django auto-installs on a machine where USER != ATHENA_USER get wrong ...) closed by mitchb
fixed: Merged to trunk in r1513 and deployed to the locker.
10:26 PM Changeset [1513] by mitchb
Make autoinstallers use ATHENA_USER instead of USER Closes Trac #113 (Merge of r1510:1511 from branches/locker-dev to trunk, from adehnert)
3:40 AM Ticket #95 (Onserver scripts hard-code deploy directory) closed by ezyang
fixed: Yup.

Mar 20, 2010:

8:29 PM Ticket #3 (Interface for automatic vhost management) closed by xavid
fixed: Yeah, I think we can close this now.
8:22 PM Changeset [1512] by adehnert
Fix Trac's git browser plugin in autoinstalls
7:10 PM Changeset [1511] by adehnert
Make autoinstallers use ATHENA_USER instead of USER Closes Trac #113

Mar 18, 2010:

1:18 AM Changeset [1510] by mitchb
It's a new thing! It's a nice thing! It's... Supe^WOpenAFS 1.4.12!

Mar 15, 2010:

11:51 PM Ticket #117 (Review and deploy Haskell static-cat) created by andersk
A Haskell version static-cat has been …

Mar 12, 2010:

4:13 AM Changeset [1509] by andersk
Return real error codes from unauthorized PGetTokens, PSetTokens, PUnlog. The previous return values of 0 caused aklog to segfault.
2:13 AM Changeset [1508] by mitchb
Don't remove groups on uninstallation of nss_nonlocal
1:18 AM Changeset [1507] by mitchb
Temporarily scriptsify shadow-utils to fix max length of group names The upstream shadow-utils package used to hardcode the max length of a group name to 16 characters, and Fedora patched it to make that length match utmpx.ut_name's length (32) and documented it as being 32. The last upstream update that Fedora took changed the code to default to 16, but allow a nondefault value via a --with flag to configure. Fedora's patch thus no longer applied and they dropped the relevant hunk, but neglected to add the --with flag in the spec file, so the max group name length dropped back to 16, causing packages that install groups with names longer than 16 characters to begin failing to install properly mid-release. We'll be pursuing this issue with Fedora.

Mar 11, 2010:

11:23 PM Changeset [1506] by mitchb
New CellServDB from grand.central.org, via Ops
6:29 AM Changeset [1505] by mitchb
CVE-2010-0434: Putting the "Patch" in "Apache" since... well, 2010

Mar 8, 2010:

3:24 AM Changeset [1504] by quentin
Fix graph titles...

Mar 5, 2010:

12:05 AM Changeset [1503] by mitchb
New scripts-wizard package This package presently provides a symlink for wizard in /usr/local/bin so that users have it in their paths all the time.

Mar 4, 2010:

10:58 PM Changeset [1502] by mitchb
Directory for scripts-wizard package Yes, it's empty. Yes, it's expected to stay that way. No, I can't build the package before it's committed. Yes, this is silly.
1:39 PM Changeset [1501] by mitchb
We won't always have paris (CellServDB update, take 2)

Mar 3, 2010:

1:10 PM Changeset [1500] by mitchb
Updated CellServDB from Ops

Feb 28, 2010:

6:09 AM Changeset [1499] by mitchb
Upgrade Apache from 2.2.13-1 to 2.2.14-1
5:22 AM Changeset [1498] by mitchb
Make sure that SRPMs for upstream packages actually come from upstream We don't usually put SRPMs for packages we build in our yum repo since we generate the SRPM from a (possibly patched) version of the upstream spec and source files contained in the upstream SRPM as part of our build process. However, occasionally an SRPM or two of ours find their way into our repo. If we pull in that SRPM, a subsequent build of that package will fail because most of our patch hunks will fail due to having already been applied. Avoid this screw case by never downloading the allegedly upstream SRPMs from our own repo.

Feb 26, 2010:

2:25 AM Changeset [1497] by mitchb
Support out-of-locker autoinstallers This parameterizes the locker that the autoinstaller lives in, as well as the contact info for the autoinstaller's maintainer. (Merge of r1491:1496 from branches/locker-dev to trunk, originally from broder)
1:18 AM Changeset [1496] by broder
Don't let people shoot themselves in the foot by leaving ailocker set to ""
1:18 AM Changeset [1495] by broder
Don't attach the scripts locker twice.
1:15 AM Changeset [1494] by broder
Distinguish between scripts for scripts and scripts for autoinstallers. Some pieces of the autoinstaller process are clearly tied to scripts itself - e.g. scripts to get information from sql.mit.edu. Others are clearly tied to the autoinstaller - e.g. the /mit/scripts/deploy/bin/foo scripts. Out-of-tree autoinstallers want to replace the latter, but not the former. For scripts that fall into the former category, explicitly call them from /mit/scripts. For those that fall into the latter, call them from /mit/$ailocker. New out-of-tree autoinstallers can define ailocker to provide their own hooks.
1:01 AM Changeset [1493] by broder
Use a slightly more concise shell expression for setting variables.
12:14 AM Changeset [1492] by broder
Parametrize the maintainer and contact for autoinstallers. This allows the Scripts autoinstaller infrastructure to be leveraged by out-of-tree autoinstallers.

Feb 25, 2010:

6:33 PM Changeset [1491] by mitchb
Make it possible for Accounts to create users on scripts (new moira, again) (Yes, you misread that.)
3:10 AM Changeset [1490] by mitchb
New moira packages

Feb 23, 2010:

11:44 PM Changeset [1489] by mitchb
Fix directions for adding static extensions ========= Instance: 1149427 Time: Mon Feb 8 20:29:45 2010 Host: BYTE-ME.MIT.EDU From: Busy inodes after unmount. Self-destruct in 5 seconds. Have a nice day. [FAILED] <mitchb> Also, those directions need to be taken out back and shot. We don't do things like that anymore. ========= Done.
11:21 PM Changeset [1488] by mitchb
Various tweaks to rails autoreloading code o Don't watch all of public, as apps may cache files there and cause the fcgi to repeatedly die and destroy any fcgi performance gains o Specifically watch .htaccess and dispatch.fcgi o Raise an error to die instead of trying to reload code and dying in the process because you can't o Explain that killing the fcgi process results in a reload of the code at the next request (Merge of r1411:1486 from branches/locker-dev to trunk, originally from gdb)
11:00 PM Changeset [1487] by mitchb
Renewed certificate for schuh.mit.edu

Feb 22, 2010:

3:47 AM Changeset [1486] by gdb
Explain why we raise an error here
3:37 AM Changeset [1485] by gdb
Time to be honest with ourselves. We're not reloading anything here.
3:31 AM Changeset [1484] by gdb
Watch specific files as well
3:09 AM Changeset [1483] by geofft
__scripts/needcerts: Add support for working around Safari Safari on Mac OS X (or more properly, CFNetwork and the rest of the SSL stack) doesn't properly support SSLVerifyClient Optional, which is our default for :444. In particular, if you don't have an identity preference set, only SSLVerifyClient Require will trigger the dialog to set an identity preference and present a certificate to the site: http://lists.apple.com/archives/apple-cdsa/2009/Apr/msg00041.html We can work around this by checking for the Safari user-agent in /__scripts/needcerts and renegotiating SSLVerifyclient Require. Forcing the Require behavior on Safari users that reach this page is reasonable because this page is only (supported to be) reached as an ErrorDocument 401; if you're intentionally using AuthOptional on to take advantage of the optional authentication, you'll never trigger the 401 error.

Feb 20, 2010:

6:18 PM Changeset [1482] by ezyang
Take upstream changes to use alternative runtime directory for fcgi; revert previous changes to chmod /var/run/httpd.
4:25 PM Changeset [1481] by ezyang
Don't chmod /var/run/httpd 0700, since that breaks fcgid.
4:49 AM Changeset [1480] by mitchb
Hit the turbo button and make those gears spin!
4:31 AM Changeset [1479] by mitchb
* Don't put SQL passwords in command-line arguments. * When using sqlalchemy, use ~/.my.cnf instead of hardcoding the SQL password. (Merge of r1477:1478 from locker-dev to trunk, originally from xavid)
4:24 AM Changeset [1478] by mitchb
* Don't put SQL passwords in command-line arguments. * When using sqlalchemy, use ~/.my.cnf instead of hardcoding the SQL password. (originally from xavid)
4:21 AM Changeset [1477] by mitchb
* Initial commit of TG autoinstaller, for some reason. (from trunk@1476, originally from xavid)
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