Feb 18, 2010:

10:56 PM Changeset [1471] by quentin
make r-m's RAM match
7:07 PM Changeset [1470] by quentin
b-b and p-b have real hardware, yay
3:05 PM Changeset [1469] by gdb
Changed list of watched directories in rails fcgi

Feb 17, 2010:

11:44 AM Changeset [1468] by gdb
Fixed the exception type problem in this code; fixed up remove-servers.

Feb 16, 2010:

11:46 AM Ticket #116 (Certificate login fallback to password) created by foley
I've run into this situation a number of times on setting up wiki/CMS …

Feb 15, 2010:

10:11 PM Ticket #115 (actively break sudo for users who aren't supposed to) created by geofft
PAM is a good choice here. So is replacing our uses of sudo …

Feb 13, 2010:

5:36 PM Changeset [1467] by gdb
Minor hacron fixes
5:21 PM Changeset [1466] by gdb
Another pass over hacron
12:55 AM Changeset [1465] by quentin
QuickPrint cronjob (so it runs on every host)

Feb 12, 2010:

3:52 AM Changeset [1464] by mitchb
What's that? I can't hear you over the static! o Make Apache, suEXEC, and static-cat case-insensitive about extensions o Add wav, mid, and midi as static extensions o Add missing mime-type for svg files
2:47 AM Changeset [1463] by andersk
mod_vhost_ldap: Copy the server_rec instead of corrupting it in place.

Feb 8, 2010:

3:06 AM Changeset [1462] by geofft
install-howto.sh: IBTSOCS
2:25 AM Changeset [1461] by geofft
surprise I'm installing GDChart

Feb 7, 2010:

4:07 AM Ticket #108 (rack-backward and rack-forward aren’t even the right part of speech.) closed by mitchb
invalid: Sometimes a name is just a name. Also, you used up your "this is a …

Feb 6, 2010:

4:50 AM Changeset [1460] by mitchb
Certificate and Apache config for isawyou.mit.edu
4:43 AM Changeset [1459] by mitchb
Backport cluster-glue, heartbeat, and pacemaker from F12 We want to use pacemaker for hacron. It's presently available in F12, but not F11. In F12, it's built against heartbeat 3, which is a completely different beast than the heartbeat 2 available in F11, so we need to backport that as well. heartbeat 3, in turn, depends on cluster-glue, which is not presently in F11. All three of these build cleanly with no source changes so long as their dependencies are present.
4:39 AM Changeset [1458] by mitchb
Allow "buildroot override" functionality in mock via a local repo If you're building a chain of packages that have requirements on each other, and aren't yet ready to publish them to the world, mock needs a way to find the dependencies that aren't in a regular repo yet. Configure it to treat /home/scripts-build/mock-local as a local repo that it can install packages from to satisfy dependencies. This is analogous to Fedora's "buildroot overrides" used when building packages that depend on each other and need to be pushed to production together instead of serially. For more details, see: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Buildroot_override_SOP
3:46 AM Ticket #114 (better story for importing outside Django sites) created by geofft
We do a lot of custom stuff in setting up Django -- splitting between …

Feb 5, 2010:

11:35 PM Changeset [1457] by gdb
Now with lock timeouts
11:30 PM Changeset [1456] by gdb
Added hacron script
8:57 AM Changeset [1455] by mitchb
Certificate and Apache config for classmates.mit.edu

Feb 2, 2010:

4:23 AM Ticket #113 (Django auto-installs on a machine where USER != ATHENA_USER get wrong ...) created by adehnert
Currently, the Django auto-installer bakes the username of the running …
2:11 AM Changeset [1454] by mitchb
Enable mod_deflate In these harsh economic times, scripts should handle inflation (and deflation).

Feb 1, 2010:

2:45 AM Changeset [1453] by mitchb
Stop scriptsifying gzip Fedora has released a package with the relevant patches

Jan 30, 2010:

7:30 PM Changeset [1452] by mitchb
Speed up postfix acceptance of mail to foo@scripts.mit.edu Postfix does virtual alias expansion on *all* addresses, both virtual/remote and local, which means that even mail to a normal scripts user will be looked up in not only the regular aliases file, but the virtual maps we set up. If we don't match those addresses in either the hashed virtual file or the regexp virtual file, then an LDAP query will occur instead of quickly accepting the RCPT address. Short-circuit that by matching *@scripts.mit.edu as a regexp and mapping it with no change. If we rewrite it as the unqualified user, then a recursive virtual match happens (all virtual rewrites are subject to recursive matching). Simple, eh?
7:14 PM Changeset [1451] by quentin
Add Munin configuration to the install instructions

Jan 29, 2010:

1:10 PM Changeset [1450] by mitchb
More LDAP customizations needed on test servers
12:51 PM Changeset [1449] by mitchb
Handle vhosts that have multiple defined aliases
12:26 PM Changeset [1448] by mitchb
Renewed certificate for eastgate.mit.edu

Jan 26, 2010:

7:13 PM Changeset [1447] by quentin
Reify *.blue-sun-corp.com
7:13 PM Changeset [1446] by quentin
Missed a ServerAlias
7:04 PM Changeset [1445] by quentin
Handle vhosts that don't have any defined aliases
6:57 PM Changeset [1444] by quentin
Add *.blue-sun-corp.com cert
10:48 AM Changeset [1443] by mitchb
I Bemoan The State Of Postfix (LDAP and mail hosting for all our vhosts)
10:09 AM Changeset [1442] by mitchb
Deploy clarifications to the fascist locker signup error message (Merge of r1440:1441 from branches/locker-dev to trunk)
3:10 AM Changeset [1441] by mitchb
Missed a couple spots on the bikeshed (more clarity for fascist locker error)

Jan 25, 2010:

11:42 PM Changeset [1440] by mitchb
Make the sql signup's .my.cnf symlink relative (Merge of r1437:1439 from branches/locker-dev to trunk)
10:45 PM Changeset [1439] by mitchb
Relative symlink. Really. Everywhere you create it.
10:31 PM Changeset [1438] by mitchb
Make the sql signup process create a relative symlink When users change their locker names, the absolute symlink breaks, and we can't fix it for them.

Jan 23, 2010:

6:27 PM Changeset [1437] by geofft
I don't want mail to info@, marketing@, sales@, or support@scripts
7:06 AM Changeset [1436] by mitchb
Stop using deprecated intraposed format for iptables rules I've seen the warning one too many times on boot
4:01 AM Changeset [1435] by mitchb
Unblock outbound mail from cycling-club [Redacted]

Jan 21, 2010:

9:19 AM Changeset [1434] by mitchb
Renewed certificate for picker.mit.edu
8:04 AM Changeset [1433] by mitchb
Scriptsify gzip to patch for CVE-2009-2624 and CVE-2010-0001

Jan 20, 2010:

4:57 PM Changeset [1432] by xavid
Add information about the -Z flag to easy_install.

Jan 19, 2010:

11:32 PM Changeset [1431] by mitchb
Fix signup-sql and the fascist locker error message in signup-minimal (Merge r1428:1430 from branches/locker-dev to trunk)
11:17 PM Changeset [1430] by mitchb
Bikeshed bikeshed bikeshed... Mushroom mushroom!
11:02 PM Changeset [1429] by mitchb
Fascist lockers can't sign up just by giving daemon.scripts l Stop telling them that that will work; it just gets them to an even more cryptic error message.
8:43 PM Changeset [1428] by mitchb
Make signup-sql work... for the first time ever? This seems like it can't possibly be the case, but all signs point to this error having been present since the very beginning - we don't have the string "$scriptsdev" in any of our filenames (obviously), so it throws an error any time its run after the user has previously signed up and gotten a .my.cnf, and tells them the info in the file is incorrect regardless of whether it actually is.
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