Jul 13, 2008:

1:42 AM Changeset [778] by geofft
This list is a little better

Jul 12, 2008:

9:27 PM Changeset [777] by geofft
Add more sysnames to differentiate between OS releases, and add the "scripts" sysname at the very end to permit @sys hacks.

Jul 10, 2008:

5:52 AM Changeset [776] by geofft
Sleep for 10 seconds after creating a new account to let nscd's cache flush.
5:33 AM Changeset [775] by geofft
Version nscd.conf, and reduce the negative TTL to 5 seconds to solve race condition with autoinstalls

Jul 5, 2008:

12:46 PM Changeset [774] by quentin
The LVS repository makes the baby Tim Berners-Lee cry

Jun 25, 2008:

5:47 PM Changeset [773] by quentin
Add a "signup" meta-script for signing up individual services

Jun 19, 2008:

3:44 PM Changeset [772] by quentin
Read whois key from filesystem
3:40 PM Changeset [771] by quentin
Commit local changes from b-m to whoisd

Jun 18, 2008:

6:42 PM Changeset [770] by quentin
Stop more spew; parse ssh keys and identify the used key when publickey auth happens

Jun 17, 2008:

9:35 PM Changeset [769] by andersk
The opendir doesn't need to succeed to trigger fakestat.
2:11 AM Changeset [768] by geofft
Commented out scripts-spew. It is inappropriate to send syslogs about users' activities on the scripts servers to a public zephyr class. Feel free to re-enable the functionality by sending personal or zcrypted zephyrs.

Jun 16, 2008:

11:25 PM Changeset [767] by geofft
No really I don't want fakestat
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