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#168 scripts-cert-test IP address defect normal Fedora 15 internals
#226 /usr/kerberos/bin is gone in F15 defect normal Fedora 15 web
#296 Xen pygrub cannot handle grub2 defect major Fedora 20 internals
#30 upgrade nss_ldap out of a vulnerability defect normal misc
#34 long delays with ssh -X defect minor web
#64 Autoinstallers should use svn co instead of untar defect normal autoinstallers
#69 parallel-find hangs outside -c athena defect minor autoinstallers
#5 PHP iCalendar should default to Eastern time zone defect minor autoinstallers
#10 make it easier to set custom Perl library paths enhancement minor web
#12 Make autoinstaller for LimeSurvey enhancement minor autoinstallers
#19 Subversion autoinstaller enhancement minor vcs
#37 tomcat support? enhancement minor web
#100 .txt should be a trusted extension defect minor web
#127 zephyr discussion of tickets should get cross-posted to RT enhancement minor misc
#130 "MIT Academic Calendar" is out of date defect minor web
#148 add a Moodle autoinstaller enhancement normal autoinstallers
#164 Zend Guard support enhancement normal web
#169 Failed LDAP replication due to busy replica should only warn when persistent defect normal web
#185 Find a better replacement for Advanced PHP Guestbook defect normal autoinstallers
#219 Debian and Fedora disagree on hostname, zephyr logging is inconsistent defect normal internals
#231 Have Trac automatically search for similar tickets enhancement normal misc
#233 Do something sensible on 'athrun scripts scripts -start' defect normal autoinstallers
#314 Use ~/Scripts/web/ instead of ~/web_scripts/ for new users enhancement normal web
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