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#83 fixed scripts should provide access to python 2.6 mitchb quentin

scripts should provide a python 2.6 that users can choose. Fedora isn't going to ship one until Fedora 11. Here are geofft's notes from RT #793441 about trying to use the python locker's version:

I've installed zlib.i386, but that seems not to have entirely helped, since the C _hashlib implementation doesn't want to play with Fedora (even if I install openssl.i386), and the pure Python hashlib implementation seems broken in the locker. I think the best solution for right now is to get a build of Python 2.6 that works with scripts (e.g., is 64-bit) in the locker; I'll look into this.

I've contacted python@ to ask them about a 64-bit build and will update the ticket here with their reply.

#20 fixed scripts LVS design issues andersk

(Imported from #431727.)

Now that Nagios doesn't suck, we can actually see the scripts outage caused by the AFS server restart every Sunday morning. This made me realize a few things:

  • Our fallback to hodge-podge isn't just an exceptional condition; it happens every week. Thus it's an even worse idea than I thought it was. Viewers will get confused, and search engines may remove pages from their indexes, if they happen to get a 404 error from hodge-podge at the wrong moment.

  • Since the heartbeat script is in the scripts locker, the AFS server that serves it (aegisthus) is a single point of failure. Ideally LVS would check multiple heartbeat scripts in lockers on several different AFS servers, and continue routing connections if any of them respond.
#179 fixed resolv.conf gets overwritten on reboot ezyang

Maybe this is because NetworkManager? is installed for some strange reason?

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