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#346 fixed Graph sql connection count with munin adehnert

#328 added nagios monitoring of used connections. In tuning those thresholds (and for fun), it would be nice if munin graphed the number of (total and max per-user) connections to sql as well.

#343 duplicate Autoinstalled apps should read the sql password out of my.cnf cereslee adehnert

In order to ease password changes (see also #227), follow DRY, etc., autoinstalled apps should read the sql password out of ~/.sql/my.cnf rather than copying it into the app config.

For Django, may be helpful.

#341 duplicate Keep updated our supported autoinstallers adehnert

We currently have several autoinstallers that aren't up-to-date with their upstream. We should keep them updated.

Some options include:

  • making updating things easier, through technical measures and/or better documenting Wizard
  • make this a non-issue by desupporting a bunch of autoinstallers (at the moment, this would probably mean gallery2 and phpbb, since MediaWiki? and WordPress? are uber-popular, and Git, Trac, TurboGears?, Django, and Rails probably all just ~symlink to Fedora packages)
  • make this less of an issue by advertising two tiers of support, and relegating the things we barely care about and suck at updating to a lower tier of support
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