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#131 fixed Better package management for eggs, gems, and other vaguely spherical-shaped objects andersk

We currently install a bunch of Perl CPAN modules, Python eggs, and Ruby gems behind RPM’s back. But we have no plan in place for upgrading them, making sure they don’t conflict with RPMs, or making sure they get superseded by new Fedora packages when they become available. This is a disaster waiting to discovered.

Everything should be an RPM. There are tools for automatically converting these creatures into RPMs, such as cpanspec, bdist_rpm, and gem2rpm. We should start using them and get rid of all the unpackaged modules lying around.

#88 fixed Better subversion error messages andersk

(From #821565.)

We need to return a better error message when ldapize can’t find the vhost:

$ svn log svn://
svn: Malformed network data
#407 fixed Block outgoing port 25 adehnert

In order to prevent getting marked as spammers, we should possibly block outgoing port 25, so that users trying to send mail need to go through us (or an authenticated MTA elsewhere on port 587, which shouldn't cause spam reputation problems to us). This will increase the effectiveness of Postfix-level outgoing mail blockages, and would open up significant opportunities for our Postfix doing smart things like logging, rate-limiting, etc..

This was discussed:

  • -c scripts -i trac-#406 on 12/19/14
  • -c scripts-root -i p on 8/6/14
  • -c scripts-root -i m on 9/9/14
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